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Im a bit confused here 91 blazers dont have carburators stock and if it does then it has been modified other than that check to see if you have power getting to the fuel pump also question did you reinstall the ground strap to the fuel pump. check to see if you get power to the fuel pump relay. These are all questions I would Have done before pulling out a fuel pump. Note that you might want to have a friend help you cause if you turn the key to the on position the fuel pump cicuit is only energized by the computer for about 2 seconds

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You changed the oil seals on your 88 s10 blazer but it still leaks why?

There are many oil seals in that vehicle, need to know which ones you changed.

1981 Chevy blazer with a 350 recently it has gotten to where you crank and crank doesn't want to run if you get it running it dies if you push brake in or try to put in gear Any suggestions?

It sounds like the Blazer has either jumped time or has a vacuum leak. Check the timing chain and tensioner as well as the vacuum system. If memory serves me right, that 81 Blazer still had a carburetor. The fuel filter may be plugged up. They are small and plug up easily. The fuel filter is located in the fuel inlet fitting at the carburetor. The fuel line nut takes a 5/8" wrench to remove it and the fuel filter housing nut takes a 1" wrench to remove it. Take note as to how the fuel filter came out and be sure to put the new one in the same way and don't over tighten it.

Where is the oil filter on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

The oil filter has a remote location. Look underneath between the radiator and fan. If the black plastic shield is still their it has a access hole, marked filter.

2001 Chevy blazer changed plug wires distributor cap and rotor cap?

And you still have a skip? Probably a bad injector.

Where is Fuel Filter Locations on 1984 Chevy van g20?

Assuming this van is still carbureted, the fuel filter is located inside the fuel line fitting just as it enters the carburetor. It takes a 5/8" wrench to remove the fuel line and a 1" wrench to remove the fitting from the carburetor. Take note of the positioning of the filter so not to install the new one backwards.

Your 1993 s10 blazer wont start you were driving one day and it just died like it was out of gas you can still hear the fuel pump come on and you already changed the fuel filter but still wont start a?

check fuel pressure i think it should be 54-60psi if not high enouth its fuel pump

I Need help with my 91 Chevy Blazer?

Strangest thing, I let the car sit for 3 weeks and went back to drive it, now its missing terribly. I changed wires, changed fuel filter, and its still missing terribly. I had a recent tune up done before this happened. Would appreciate and feedback anyone can give about this

You had your cabin air filter changed but still idles rough?

The cabin air filter can not cause a rough idle. It only filters the air for the ac/heater.

2000 GMC Sierra oil leak around filter?

i have to same problem with my sierra ive changed the filter and it still leaks, i was told that its the oil filter adapter you can get one at autozone for about $20

You changed bulbs and fuses and still your brake lights do not work on your 91 S-10 Chevy Blazer?

Check the brake light switch.

Oil is running out by the oil filter housing 5.4 engine?

check that the O ring was replaced when oil filter was changed. id O ring is good and filter is tight, and housing still leaking, replace filter housing

The plugs and wires have been changed in you mercury grand marquis and a new fuel filter has been put on so why does is still sputter and act like it wants to cut off at lights and in park?

Have you changed the air filter too?

Why wont your 3.5 Briggs stratten engine start It has new spark plug carburetor cleaned good spark but still will not go?

carb. adjustment, fuel filter or the engine is shot.

You changed your fuel pump but your 98 Chevy s-10 still wont start why?

was fuel filter replaced

I have a 1995 Chevy Blazer it stalls out and has a hard time starting?

Replace the fuel filter and if it still acts up have the fuel pressure tested. It should have 41 to 47 psi.

1993 buick regal custom trans won't shift stays in drive changed modgual still nothing?

Change the fluid and the trans filter; a dirty trans filter can cause this.

Why does a Briggs and Stratton 4.5 HP lawn mower engine stop 2 3 seconds after it starts unless you continue to prime it?

it is losing its prime... i have the same problem right now and i have cleaned the carburetor, changed the gas and spark plug and changed the air filter. The only thing that i can think of is that there is something wrong with the priming bulb or the gas cap is hindering the air flow... still trying to repair....

New fuel filter and pump on 2000 Chevy blazer still won't start?

dis connect battery for 2 min. then reconnect and try to start does it even try to start

1992 buick park avenue ultra that after 30 minutes of driving wants to cut off you changed the spark plug and wires you changed the fuel filter air filter and the thermostat but it still?

check the alternator, ignition coil. or even see what the charge at the battery is.

Replaced the spark plug and cleaned the filter and still it will not run.?

need help figuring out what else to try to fix my leaf blower! i have replaced the spark plug and cleaned the filter, but it still won't start, like it is not getting fire to the plug! also, i put fuel directly into carburetor. any help would be appreciated. thanks, ed

98 Chevy blazer 4.3l changed iac valve egr valve fuel filter PCV valve plugs and wires and still you have rough idol especially when cold?

You may have a bad fuel injector. Try to single out which cylinder is dead, then remove that spark plug, if the plug is clean and dry you have a faulty fuel injector.

Does 92 blazer have a crank senor?

No, it still has a distributor.

What happens when you have just changed the crank positioning sensor on a 2002 Chevy blazer 6 cylinder and it still will not start?

Was that the only code that caused you to replace it? Do you have it close enough to sense again.

What could be the problem if the fuel filter on a 1994 Toyota Camry was changed but the car still sucks up a lot of gas?

O2 Sensor.

You changed the fuel filter in your 1989 Honda accord lxi but it is still hesitating to go what would be a good second fix?

fuel pump