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To all those baby girls out there, I know it's scary. But really it is a special time because that means that in a little while u r getting your period.... Tell your mom so she can give u pantie liners

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What does it mean when you have sore nipples and clear liquid coming out of your breast?

um the only way liquid could come out of your breasts is if your pregnant. during pregnancy, your breasts fill with milk. or this liquid could be something else. not too sure. but if your pregnant, its most likely breast milk.

I missed my period and i have clear liquid coming from my breasts when i squize them but my boyfriend didnt cum inside me ...can i be pregnant please help im so stressed out.?

Yes, drainage from breasts is an early sign of pregnancy... or another problem. Either way, get it checked out.

Do girls' breasts secrete a watery liquid after puberty?


Is liquid from the breasts signs of pregnancy?

Yes or it may be a sign of hormonal imbalance

What is this liquid coming out of your skin?


What is a water bra?

It is a bra with a liquid gel layer to make the breasts look bigger.

What is the liquid coming out of your dogs butt?


What comes out of vaginas?

All sorts, depends what you do.. Masturbation- Vaginal Liquid Sex (unprotected)- Possibly Male ejac yeah

Are you pregnant if you have white liquid coming from breast?

YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTER!!!!! no not all ways some times your breast just has liquid coming from it just to come out

What is the next cell phone coming out?

a liquid fone

How do you avoid clear liquid coming out of vagina?

you cant

Clear liquid coming from one breast?


Why are your breasts producing a liquid substance?

because you're pregnant and lactating? if you're not then go see a doctor.

Is there some kind of liquid that you could take to make your breasts bigger?

No, no liquids increase breast tissues.

What color is semen coming out of vagina?

It will be a white cloudy liquid.

What is the clear liquid coming out of your vagina?

It's called discharge.

Is white liquid fluid coming after vagina symptoms of pregnancy?

No it is not.

What is the taste of liquid coming out of vagina?

really very salty

You put peroxide on your navel and now yellow liquid is coming out?

i dont really understand the question but if your asking "I put peroxide on my navel and yellow liquid is coming out" i say GO TO THE HOSPITAL

If you have fluid coming out of your breasts are you pregnant?

If you are leaking a yellowish color liquid out of your breast there is a very large chance that you are pregnant... take a pregnancy test and good luck I wouldn't count on it completely although it is possible. Just remember, leakage from nipples (if not pregnant) means infection.

Are you pregnant if your breasts leak clear liquid?

yes for me 4 years ago when i had my daughter Madison my breasts leaked a clear to yellowish liquid, i began to have this happen to me about 13 weeks to 20 weeks and it will continue to happen until your milk comes in. My doctor at the time who delivered Madison said it was normal, it is a sugar type fluid your breasts make, and it is a vital importance the first couple days to breastfeeding, he said that light white to yellowish sticky type fluid from breasts is normal.

What does clear mucus coming out when you pee do?

well if your urine is white then that means you had enough liquid in you, but when its yellow you didn't have enough liquid in you.

Is vaporization the change of a liquid to a gas?

Yes, for example, If you are boiling water, the steam that is coming out of the container is the liquid that formed into a gas.

Name the liquid coming before sperm from penis?

Majic Mayonaise.

What is the purpose of the Sahara Desert?

For use of liquid coming out of da area