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You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOP driving this car immediately or you will do serious damage to the engine. It will need the gasket replaced and the head checked.

You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOP driving this car immediately or you will do serious damage to the engine. It will need the gasket replaced and the head checked.

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You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOP driving this car immediately or you will do serious damage to the engine. It will need the gasket replaced and the head checked.

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Q: You have coolant getting into your oil how?
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Related questions

Why do I have oil and coolant on the spark plug of my mercury grand marquis?

because you have a bad head gasket and oil and coolant are getting into the combustion chamber from the passages.

What can cause white smoke from the exhaust APU?

Coolant getting into the fuel or oil.

Why do you have to put water in a 1993 Lumina APV every other week when there are no visible leaks?

If there aren't any visible leaks, its leaking internally. The 3.1L V6 engines are known for bad gaskets. Is there oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil? Is there a tan frothy substance on the oil fill cap? If so, your coolant is getting into the oil.

What would cause the volume of motor oil in your car increase over time?

If air or fluid was getting into the oil passages. Is the oil looking "bubbly" or "milkshake" like? Then coolant is getting into the oil, either by head gasket or somewhere else. If it smells gassy then fuel is getting into the oil.

Do head gasket reconditioners work?

If you are only leaking coolant into the exhaust and use the type with copper in it, then yes, it should stop the leak. If coolant is getting into the oil or exhaust is getting into the radiator then no, none of them will do any good.

The transmission oil is milky in color and the oil continues to increase and the transmission slips?

You are getting water into the coolant. Most likely cause is a failed radiator/oil cooler. If the coolant level keeps reducing and transmission oil level keeps increasing then the above answer is correct.

Why does creamy fluid overflow from the coolant box in a car although the engine still runs but loses oil rapidly?

Oil or trans fluid is getting in the coolant system. Have it checked out now. You can ruin lots of things by driving it.

Why is water condensation coming out your 1999 Chevy cavalier exhaust?

If this happens only when engine is cold it is a normal condition If this hasppens when engine is at normal operating temperature it may be a sign of head gasket leakage Check to see if oil is getting into coolant or coolant getting mixed with engine oil

How is oil getting into anti freeze but not getting in the oil side 1996 Saturn?

Two basic possibities: 1st The head gasket failure is between a oil pressure gallery and coolant. Since the engine runs 45 psi oil pressure and 17 psi coolant pressure it means you can see the oil in the coolant but the tiny amount of coolant in the oil won't show. It is there and it will quickly ruin your engine. 2nd The head gasket is bad to a comustion chamber, and what you are seeing is the crud from a bad burn in that cylinder, not oil that looks very similar. Either way it needs a terardown and new head gasket set.

What tells an abnormal amount of water is being emitted for the exhaust of a car?

If you are loosing coolant from the radiator and you have an abnormal amount of white smoke from tailpipe after vehicle is at normal operating temperature. This may be an indication of a bad head gasket. Or if you notice coolant getting mixed with the engine oil or engine oil getting mixed with the coolant. Also a sign of a bad head gasket.

Why does your truck blow a lot of white smoke?

There's a good chance that coolant is getting mixed in with your oil.

How can coolant leak into your 1996 BMW 328i oil?

Most likely, your head gasket no longer seals properly. Coolant and oil normally circulate through separate channels in your engine. A faulty head gasket allows oil to pass into the coolant channels and vice versa. If your gasket is leaking, you will also have loss of compression in one or more cylinders and possibly white clouds of steam in your exhaust, from coolant getting into the cylinders.

What happens when water gets in a car oil system?

Bad things usually. And expensive, like having to buy a new engine. The oil should be changed, and the reason for the water getting into the oil found and corrected. A common source of coolant entry is the oil cooler since a failure can mix oil and water. Check the coolant to see it it also has oil in it.

Does a 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette have an oil cooler?

Yes, the 2000 Olds Silouette has an engine oil cooler, as well as a transmission oil cooler for the automatic tranny. The engine oil cooler is built in to the engine oil filter housing. Water/coolant enters from the engine block, circulates around the filter housing and exits through a tube to the lower intake manifold. If an engine starts getting oil in the coolant and coolant in the engine oil, this could very well be the source of the problem. An internal leak.

What causes white foam in oil in my car?

You have coolant getting mixed in with the oil. The head gasket and intake manifold gasket would be your most likely culprits.

What causes the Transmission fluid to be foamy and overflowing?

Coolant is getting into the ATF possibly through a hole in the oil cooler

How do you check to see if oil is in coolant?

Oil and water do not mix. oil will float on top of coolant if you remove radiator cap this will be very visible, on the other hand coolant in oil will look milky white.

Your kx 125 keeps getting water in the oil its had a rebuild water new pump ect?

pressure test your coolant system, if it wont hold pressure you most likely have cracked some part of the engine internally, hence leaking coolant into the oil

How do you separate oil from coolant?

Oil is high because of the low density of the coolant.

What is wrong with a car with cloudy brown oil?

Looks like you're getting coolant mixed in with the engine oil. Not good. Receipe for disaster. Could be a bad head gasket and/or cracked head. Do not run engine any longer until you have it checked out. Coolant in the oil will destroy bearings in a short time.

What does it mean if you have rust on first part of your oil dip stick?

Moisture is getting into the oil pan. If you are loosing coolant with no apparent leak then you may have a blown head gasket.

What causes water in oil?

Assuming you mean what causes engine coolant getting into the crankcase oil, most commonly a bad head gasket or a cracked head is the culprit.

Oil is in your coolant overflow tank in your Chevy lumina van?

Engine? 3.1L V6 are notorious for intake manifold gasket leaks. get it fixed soon or your engine is at risk. My Lumina had oil in coolant and coolant in oil. If there is tan foamy stuff on oil fill cap, coolant is in oil too.

What is a oil coolant hose?

An oil coolant?æ hose is a tube or pipe that allows engine oil to circulate via the radiator in order to cool down. Without an oil coolant hose, oil will get to hot to operate efficiently.

Oil in coolant tank?

Oil in the coolant tank indicates a head gasket leak.