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Oil or trans fluid is getting in the coolant system. Have it checked out now. You can ruin lots of things by driving it.

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Q: Why does creamy fluid overflow from the coolant box in a car although the engine still runs but loses oil rapidly?
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What does it mean when the coolant is creamy and leaking from cap?

you probably have a blown head gasket

What is the creamy colored fluid coming from the coolant tank?

if it is a creamy color coming from a radiator look in the oil by looking at the inside bottom of the cap,if it is creamy too,then you have a blown head gasket. that creamy color is water and oil mixed oil mixed in with the water, you got a blown gasket

What is the creamy colored fluid coming from the coolant tank of a 1992 Honda Accord Lx?

if it is a creamy color coming from a radiator look in the oil by looking at the inside bottom of the cap,if it is creamy too,then you have a blown head gasket. that creamy color is water and oil mixed here is a better answer if the coolant in tank is creamy you have water getting in oil you could have a blown head gasket, a cracked block or a cracked head all vehicles will get some creamy looking stuff on radiator cap as this is caused by condensation as there is moisture in every thing also check to see if oil level in engine is higher that waht it thould be that is a really good indication of water adding and mixing with the oil

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Why is your 1996 Silverado burning coolant?

by "burning coolant" do you mean that there is the smell of burning coolant? or do you mean that your coolant level is constantly needing to be topped off and you don't know where it is going? if you smell burning coolant you have a leak somewhere and its probably dripping onto the exhaust. you need to find the leak. if you are constantly leveling off and there is no coolant leaking under the vehicle it could be a blown head gasket. check your oil for coolant contamination. pull the dip stick and check the color of the oil: dark, almost black in color=good; lite creamy brown (like creamy coffee) =blown head gasket. or it could be a blown intake manifold gasket instead of head gasket. 1996 silverado has a two piece intake manifold, an upper and lower intake manifold.

Why would your 1995 Chevy Camaro white smoke coming out of exhaust?

its coolant could be a head gasket or the coolant can actually rust trew the block or the head check the dip stick if its a creamy and it smells nasty or check you colant if it smell like cofe then you know coolant is getting in were its not supose to. white is coolant blue is oil and black is fuel hop that can help you

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Failed head gasket couses?

A head gasket will usually fail when the engine overheats due to lack of coolant or extreme driving conditions. The easy way to check your head gasket for leaks ect. is to check the condition of your coolant and oil via the dipsticks, if your head gasket has failed your coolant and/or oil will be a creamy white colour.

What causes engine oil to go creamy white?

In short- WATER. It sounds like you have a situation where your engine's cooling system has been compromised and you have an internal leak. This can also happen if the vehicle has been in high water or submerged. Change your oil and filter and check your coolant level. Top off the coolant level if it is low. Then, run the vehicle for several miles/minutes. If the creamy white shows back up, you've got an internal coolant leak. If that's the case, it was probably caused by not having enough freeze protection in your coolant and the winter temperatures caused some freezing and an internal rupture or crack.

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Head Gasket blown- sounds like oil is in the coolant .this mixes with water and emulsifies creamy brown sludge.

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