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Q: You have long skinny black worms coming into your house They are like thick black threads and when threatened they coil up They have antennea They are small What are they?
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Skinny jeans or super skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans super skinny is to tight

Why is it that fat girls don't like skinny girl?

Sometimes it's because they are jelouse of their figures or of what they have physically. I know that I don't hate girls who are skinny but I do envy them because I would love to be skinny but it's not that easy for me. I sometimes joke and say Ugh look at that skinny bit** but I just kid and that's my jelousy coming out so basically its jelousy and the fact of wanting to be like her.

Is it bad to be skinny?

If you are too skinny then yes but if you are skinny then yes it is healthy.

What is naturally skinny?

means you are born skinny and you dont have to work to get skinny

Do you have to be skinny to be in gymnastics?

No you do not have to be skinny. And if you aren't skinny, you will get lots of exercise in gymnastics

Where can you get boy skinny jeans?

really skinny: hot topic not as skinny but still skinny: zumiez, tilly's, PAC sin :)

What is the difference between skinny and super skinny jeans?

The difference between them is that skinny are tight and super skinny are extra tight

Are models too skinny?

yes. way too skinny. unhealthily skinny.

Is Scrooge fat or skinny?


Whould you be fat or skinny?


Lol you skinny?

no, it makes you skinny.

Is medusa fat or skinny?


What is the simile for as skinny as a?

as skinny as a twig

Do straight boys wear skinny jeans?

Yes! but super skinny jeans is overdoing it...super skinny jeans are uncomfortable for guys. guys skinny jeans are about as skinny as girl's slim jeans, so they arn't super skinny. If a guy is skinny and medium to short (and isn't old DX), they look good.

How do you get model skinny?

Models SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be naturally skinny. You shouldn't try to get model skinny. Skinny isn't for everyone. Be happy with your size. You are lucky.

How skinny is to skinny?

When you get skinny jeans, and they're too big.

Is pixie lott skinny?

Not very skinny, but not fat, kinda in the middle though nearer skinny.

Does skinny jeans look good with supra shoes?

It depends how skinny they are. If they are very skinny; yes(:

What did people wear during nicolaus Copernicus' time?

They wore skinny jeans and sweatshirts with pink tanktops and jetpacks with whipped cream coming out of them in the 1450s

Who is the Somali supermodel?

Dont know they have a lot of somali skinny legs coming out nowadays!! astakfurullah!! may god help them go to the right path!

Does snsd yoona skinny?

Yes she is skinny.

Do you have to be skinny to backflip?

not skinny but slim and flexible

Do You Have To Be Skinny To Skateboard?

No you need to be skinny to skateboard!!!

Is Justin Bieber skinny or fat?


Why are skinny jeans in fashion?

Because they are skinny