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You certainly might be.

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2008-07-17 02:02:18
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Q: You have not got a period your condom broke can you be pregnant?
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What does it mean when you have a positive pregnancytest result but you came on your period the next day?

it means that you're pregnant. there could've been a problem with the test, so take another just in case. but don't let that mislead you-i got my period a little after the condom broke, and thought since i got my period, i wasn't pregnant. but turns out, a few weeks later i was throwing up and pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you had protected sex yesterday and the condom broke but today you got your period?

yes Sperm can survive for up to 5 days, but fighting blood flow and all of the other obsticales it encounters on the way to the egg make it a 99% chance you are not going to get pregnant. well all i can is that you take a test to make sure what you have is your period cos it can be sometimes tricky especially when u had a broken condom. No If your period was due and the burst condom was the day before you would not be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant 3 days after your period stopped and if the guy had a condom on but the condom slipped down to the tip of the penis?

Possibility...Yes ..if you were fertile those days after your period.... how often is your cycle??? I got pregnant 4 days after my period ended...( did not want to be) and i usually cycle every 28 days.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill used a condom and took Plan B and have since got your period 3 times but have weird pains in your lower abdomin?


The condom split on the 29th July then on the 3rd Aug i got a strechy discharge ovulation maybe then i got my period on the 17th Aug why was i not pregnant?

Cause the sperm and egg didn't meet

How do you know if your pregnant if you just got your period a week ago?

sweetie when your pregnant, you don't get your period!!! so if you got your period, you aren't pregnant!!!

Can you still get pregnant if you on your period?

no. if you happened to be pregnant and got your period its misscariage. there's no way you can have your period while pregnant .

Can you get pregnant if a condom got stuck in your vagina an he ejaculated in it?

Yes, if the ejaculatory fluids came in contact with your vagina you can get pregnant.

You feel nauseous and you just got your period are you pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

Is it possiable to get pregnant on your period?

Yes you can get pregnant a friend got pregnant three times while on period.

If you have had unpertected sex and you got your period 5 days ealry can you be pregnant?

If you get your period, you are not pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you had intercourse one week after your period with no protection but got your period the following month?

If you get your period you aren't pregnant.

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