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You could be pregnant, but those symptoms on their own would not indicate pregnancy, but having sex on a fertile day means there is a good chance you could be. Get a pregnancy test done to be sure.

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Q: You have this tight stretchy feeling around your pants line and you get this weird feeling every once in a while whats the percent chance you are pregnant if you had sex on a fertile day?
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Can you be pregnant if you came on your period even though your boyfriend cam in you some days before your period?

you are considered as fertile in the lighter final days of your period, but are not considered fertile days up to your period. Call the post peak phase. In order for sperm to survive and get to your egg they have to have a specific lubrication that your body makes naturally, if you do not have this your sperm will die within hours. SO if you ever have a stretchy clear or lubricative discharge you ARE fertile cause sperm can use that to get to your egg. if you are "dry" you are not considered fertile and the likely ness of getting pregnant is .1 percent. I would highly doubt you were pregnant if you had sex only days before your period. ovulation (stretchy lubractive clear stuff) comes about two weeks after your period or two weeks before it. (same time assuming normal 28 days cycle) hope this helped!

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about 38% i guess but its not easy for your partner isn't it?

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...i do believe that if you are ovulating, there is a chance of becoming pregnant...

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