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Biting and hitting could be considered aggravated assault in some jurisdictions. That is a felony and punishable by jail terms of more than 5 year. It all depends on the district attorney and the determination of charges.

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How much jail time will you get for an aggravated assault in Pennsylvania?

how much time can a person be looking to be in jail if they are being charged with. 15 traffic summeirs, aggravated assault speneded liecene & regrstration no insurance reckless driving

Can someone be charged with assault after 2 weeks?

Yes, you can be charged up until the statute of limitations expires. Depending on jurisdiction and type of charge (felony/misd), you could be looking at several months to several years. In most instances a person is usually charged within the first 120 days for an assualt.

What kind of jail time can you get for tattooing at home?

In addition to violating health department laws - business licensing violations - zoning violations - and the possibility of being charged with "assault" you're porobably looking at somewhere arounda year or so. In addition - if you really screw up and give a tat to a minor, in addition to being charged with "assault" on a minor you can be sued in civil court.

What is the usual sentence when charged with aggravated assault in South Australia?

well you are certainly looking at some decent jail time. Money talks... so make sure you got a expensive lawyer ...

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