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Tell her your not ready for a baby. If she can't take that.... I'd say you should dump her. But if you really love her but are not ready for a baby, say you want a commitent like marriage or something.

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Q: You just got together with your girlfriend and already she is talking about having a baby but you dont want one yet what should you tell her?
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If he has a girlfriend why is he talking to you?

Having a girlfriend doesn't mean guys don't enjoy talking to other girls. Actually, when you have a girlfriend chatting with other girls gets only more interesting

What does it mean when you ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend but still having memories of us together?

He is human and appreciates the times you spent together

Why would a man lie about having a one night stand with you?

Maybe because he's married... Or already have a girlfriend

Why would a guy talk much more to his rebound ex-girlfriend than his girlfriend who returned and you are having a child together?

teri ma ki aankh

What is two bridge rule if having an affair?

(if your a guy) The girl your having an affair with must be aware of the fact that you already have a girlfriend. If niether girl knows about each other you will get busted.

Why does your girlfriend talk to guys on the internet?

Well, if it's your girlfriend you're talking about. Maybe she's lonely. Have you been giving her enough attention? If not, talk to her. Maybe she is just having second thoughts about your relationship.

How do you no if you still love your ex?

if you are alwys talking about him or always having dreams and flash backs of you two when you were together

What if your friend is having a birthday and has invited both your new girlfriend together for two months and your ex girlfriend together for 7 years What would you do?

One of the things you can do is just accept the fact that there will be place where you see your ex whether you like it or not, its not the end of the world.

Why would your girlfriend lie about having a baby in tha past even before she met you?

She may have thought that you wouldn't want to be with her if you found out she already had a kid.

How do you you get back together with your girlfriend after she dumped you and after that you lied about having another girlfriend just to keep from getting embarrassed but you still love your ex?


Why does my lesbian partner lie to me about talking to her ex-girlfriend?

She may still harbor feelings for her, and obviously feels guilt for having contact with her while being in a relationship with you.

What is the function of a girlfriend?

I think the purpose of having either a boyfriend or a girlfriend is to have someone to share life experiences with. Someone to devote personal time with and enjoy and do things together, in the prospect of a long term realtionship that may or may not turn into marriage. The purpose of having a boyfriend or girlfriend is like a test run for a husband or a wife