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When you miss a period, take a urine pregnancy test. That's the typical 21st century way to know if you're pregnant.

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Q: You just had your IUD taken out how will you know when im pregnant?
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What is the fastest way to get pregnant after having IUD taken out?

There's no special "fast way" to get pregnant. Just have sex without using a condom.

If pregnant with an IUD can it be taken out?

It would have to be. The IUD is in your uterus, where the baby grows and lives in you for 9 months. Having the IUD in there could possibly damage or kill the baby.

How do you know if the IUD isn't wrking?

You become pregnant.

If just took out my IUD and that week i got pregnant are you at risk?

There is no special risk from getting pregnant right after you stop using the IUD.

How do you know if you are pregnant after removal of an IUD?

Take a pregnancy test

Can you get pregnant if an IUD isn't placed right?

Maybe. The probability is low as an IUD will reduce the chance of implantation just by being there.

If you may be pregnant and you take the Encare insert can this cause a miscarriage or harm the fetus if more than one is taken in one day?

IF you are already pregnant and dont know but insert an IUD or marina Can this cause a miscarriage

Is it easy to get pregnant after IUD?

Fertility returns to your baseline after removal of the IUD. Whether it's easy to get pregnant after removal depends on your fertility, not the IUD.

I have had an IUD for 7 years and just found out i am pregnant what do I do?

You need to see your doctor.

Do you need to be actively menstruating in order to have an IUD inserted?

I know you have to have to be menstruating for the docte or to insert the they can make sure your not pregnant.

Can you have a miscarriage when a IUD is implanted?

Yes, if you get pregnant on the IUD it needs to be removed, regardless of whether you intend to continue or terminate the pregnancy.

Can a woman gets pregnant while having a IUV inserted?

Pregnancy on the IUD is unlikely. Getting pregnant during your period is also unlikely. Taken together -- it's possible to get pregnant during your period on the IUD, but it would be a huge shock.