You kicked your ex out hes meet someone new but still wants 2 know what im doing he dont talk 2 you if hes happy with his new girlfriend Why is he want 2 know what im up 2?


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He probably still wants to talk to you, because maybe he is still a little bit interested in you, or he just wants to be friends...

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when they have a new girlfriend. and they say that their are happy with someone else..

text her...."im doing happy without you"

When someone says that they like doing something it means they want to do it. These people are happy when they are doing what they enjoy.

yes he is happy with his girlfriend/fan Bonnie Kay

grow up and be a man and be happy you have someone who loves and cares for you

Just say i love you will you be my girlfriendif she dont love you leave and kill with a knife in a room and throw her outside.

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well no hes not he is very much not happy but that is all i can say because i cannot speak for him he wants me back i can tell but i do not want someone who is not worth it.

Tell that jealous person that if they really liked you then they would only want you to be happy, and that your girlfriend makes you happy.

Yes, he has. and I am happy for him.

If you are doing it for a neighbour you should do it for free, if you are doing it for someone who has asked you to do it that is not in your neighbourhood the ask them how much they will pay you and if you are happy with what they offer do it.

you can put what you are doing or write happy birthday to someone you can just do random things

he so happy cuz he thinks that his new girlfriend is better. trust me i just witnessed this. if your ex is happy with his new girlfriend after a week then he didnt truly love like he told you he did.

Sure, why not? Some girls tend to get insulted at the drop of a hat and someone forgetting your birthday is really quite rude! She won't be happy unless you tell her happy birthday.

If you don't feel comfortable doing it then no one can force you. Just tell them that you are not happy with doing that and that it's your decision.

Answer Sure I would. If I knew that I didn't stand a chance with her, why not see someone else happy, especially if it works out for the two of them.

As a boy I know that when my girlfriend says she loves me and lets me do what I want sometimes instead of seeing or txting her it makes me happy. I was also happy when my girlfriend decided not to run away.

No, it is not fair at all. We cannot make someone else happy and someone cannot make us happy. You can do happy things for them like; tell them you love them (if appropriate) do things for them, compliment them, encourage them but that's all you can do. You have to make yourself happy by getting motivated in doing something other than thinking about the thing that's making you unhappy.

If you want to know if your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend then you can either find out from friends you both had or phone him and ask him how he is doing and if he is seeing anyone. Don't make him feel that you are cornering him when you do ask; ask him calmly and if he says he is seeing someone else then let him know you are happy for him even if you are not. This shows maturity.

Answersomeone who doesent care how much money you have...someone who has no interest in anything else but who you are. a good girlfriend is the girl that doesent want anything but your love, attention, commitment. all she will want is to hug and kiss you and try her best to always keep you happy. a good girlfriend will want to spend every second of her life with you, the girl that misses you like crazy the minute you leave her. the one that makes you constantly happy...thats more than a good girlfriend...thats a perfect one. i have one:)

You don't. They are happy as they are and don't need someone else causing problems for them. If they aren't happy, they should be left to sort out their issues privately; you would only create more.

husband happy after seeing ex girlfriend

No, at 13 it is not odd to want a girlfriend, someone that you can be happy with and make her happy. However, at 13 years old you are still quite young to grasp the concept of a serious relationship. What you want to do is find a nice girl and make friends with her first, so that you don't come across as desperate. Over time that friendship can develop into something more if that's what you both want.

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