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Q: You know the minimum the maximum and the 25th 50th and 75th percentiles of a distribution. what measures of central tendency or variability can you determine?
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Why are measures of variability essential to inferential statistics?

Why are measures of variability essential to inferential statistics?

Can variability be negative?

The usual measures of variability cannot.

What is the different between measures of center and measures of variability?

The answer lies in the question! The first lot measure where the centre of a distribution or observation lies while the second lot are a measure of the distance of individual observations from the centre.

What measures are not affected by outliers?

Median, mode, quartiles, quintiles and so on, except when you get to very large number of percentiles.

What is Difference between the Contrast Guinea and the Sahel Savanna?

measures of variability of ungroupdata

What is the pattern of a variability within a data set called?

The range, inter-quartile range (IQR), mean absolute deviation [from the mean], variance and standard deviation are some of the many measures of variability.

What does the multiple standard error of estimate measure?

It measures the error or variability in predicting Y.

What is a Measure of spread about the mean?

Standard error, standard deviation, variance, range, inter-quartile range as well as measures based on other percentiles.

When the mean of a distribution of scores of measures is higher than the median the distribution would be?

The distribution is skewed to the right.

What two data characteristics are usually measured using numerical descriptive measures?

Variability and Central Tendency (Stats Student)

Which is an initial response governing principle?

Determine and communicate protective measures

Why are the measures of dispersion necessary to describe a set of data?

Sets of data have many characteristics. The central location (mean, median) is one measure. But you can have different data sets with the same mean. So a measure of dispersion is used to determine whether there is a little or a lot of variability within the set. Sometimes it is necessary to look at higher order measures like the skewness, kurtosis.