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if he talks about as in compeliments and if he stares at you alot


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if she talks about him alot and she looks at him too. alot.

just take a chance and ask him, that is if you like him too

yes you should know because you might like them too

well if he stares at you a lot,trust me im a guy too

"I know you like me" If you like him too why don't you ask him out? You would have nothing to lose if he really does like you.

it means the boy likes you but is too shy to get to know you himself which is why he is getting his brothers to get to know you...

From a School Counselor: Don't listen to anyone but the boy that you like. If boy B says he likes you tell boy B to tell boy A to come tell you himself. Never, never, never have a middle person because it always ends up bad! From me (the person who asked): what if you dont know if you like boy A or boy B and you're too scared to ask them if they like you?

Their is no way to know if a boy likes you but you can ask indirectly. Flirting, hanging out, and being alone is a good way to tell if he likes you.

that depends on if you like him too? just talk to him.

If the boy likes her too then let them be, everything happens for a reson

So what? Nobody has to know! But if you like this girl a lot you may want to let her know before its too late!

It can be for many reasons only known to him, but the main reason is usually because he wants to court you and have you be his girlfriend because he likes you.

first if you know the guy start out on a casual conversation then ask him if he likes you if he says yes then ask him out!! if he says no dont worry there are other fish in the sea.

Make him think you don't want him right now, but maybe later.

This boy that likes me hits me not hard but playfully around people but if we were alone he talks to me and asks me what kind of stuff I like and he wanted to know if I had a boyfriend too.

He probably likes you too or knows that you like him and is trying to get a reaction out of you.

if you think he likes you too, then you should ask him out, but if your not sure, then you should try to let him know you like him without actually having to tell him, and then if he shows some of the signs that he likes you, then you can be pretty sure and ask him out

Make sure u ask your freind how she feels about him. If u like him too then let her know. But if she likes him then just leave it alone. Its not worth ruining your friendship over.

Maybe he likes you too, for some reason we guys like to tease but it´s hard to tell when going to far.

Because he likes you and is too shy to talk maybe he likes you or he could be mad at you... ??? idk guys are wierd The guy is probably too nervous to talk to you because he might like you

First you should get your question more understandable so people can answer your question

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