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Well tell that boy that you like him and ask the girl that he likes if she likes him, if she says no than he is all yours!

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Q: You like a boy who likes someone else?
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Related questions

What if he likes someone else?

If a boy you like likes someone else then tell him you like him, he may change his mind.

How do you tell a boy the truth that he really likes me or like someone else?

Leave him alone and back off. He likes someone else.

What do you do when you a boy likes you but you like someone else?

if i were you i would say sorry i really like someone else but we can still be friends.

What if a boy likes you and he is one of your best friends but you like someone else?

If you like someone else, you should stay good friends with the boy that liked you, but don't get jealous if he likes another girl because you had your chance.

What should you do if you like a boy but he likes someone else?

You have to let him go..

What do you do if you like a boy and he likes someone else and he breaks your heart what do you do?

you let him be do not fight for him

If a boy likes a girl but she does not like him back what should she do?

Move on and find someone else.

If you have a friend and he likes someone but the person doesn't like that person but you like the boy that likes that person?

Could you be more confused? You like this boy so you should tell him. If you mean that you like your friend who likes someone else, and that someone else does not like him, i wish i knew. I think it depends on who the person is that you like. but one thing is (sadly) true, if he does end up with you, will you ever be able to be sure that he likes you for YOU, and not as a replacement for whoever?

What do you do if you like a boy but someone else who he is closer with likes him aswell?

try to act cool with him or u could do anything he likes.

What do i do when i like a boy who likes someone else but he stares at you?

you can ethier ignore it,stare back, or flirt

There is a boy who I like a lot He always flirts with me and teases me but he says he likes someone else Are there any signs I can look for to see if he likes me?

Don't waste your time hun, it seems like he's only messing you about. If he likes someone else, then he likes someone else. Surely you can do better than him anyway :) Good luck

How do you get a boy or a girl to like you?

You really can't "make" someone like you. You should be yourself, and if that person likes who you are, you'll know. If not, someone else will be better for you.

What happens if a boy likes you and you don't like him fourth grade?

Nothing happens. He will like you and since you don't like him ignore him. He will out grow it or find someone else to like. I promise you that in 5th grade he will like someone else.

What do you do when someone likes you but you like someone else?

am i will talk with the person that loves me and then if the things dont go good with the boy that i like i will probaly have something between us

How can you tell a 15 year old boy that you like him?

Say it to his face, unless you know he likes someone else!

What do you do if someone that you like likes someone else?

if you really like him or her you should tell him/her that you like him/her you shouldA Crush On A Boy And He Showfight for it . Correct Stand Up For Your Self At All Times. :,)

What does it means when a boy points at you?

When a boy points at you, he is probably telling someone else that he likes you! :)

You really like this boy that lives next door an and you think he likes you to but you are to nervous to speak to him what shall you do?

ask someone else.

What do you do when this boy you like likes someone else?

you keep watching him and keep thinking

What do you do when the boy you like likes someone else?

Simple, Respect the woman code and leave it alone. Ever heard of this: If you like someone set it free, if it comes back its yours.

What should i do if this boy really likes me but i really like someone else?

you should tell that boy who likes only like him as a friend and the boy who u like tell him how u feel about him and see what he says if he feels the same way then go for it ask him out. nothings ganna stop you now)

You really like this guy like a lot and you think he likes you a little bit but you cant date what do you do it drives you crazy plus he likes someone else more than he likes you but they cant date?

You can't make someone like you and if this boy is interested in someone else that is just the way it is. Be friends with both of them. Have fun doing group things together and if something comes out of this it will better and stronger than ever.

If a girl likes a boy and he likes someone else what can you do?

One of the best decisions is to try and move on, there's no point in spending your time on someone who won't appreciate it.

What do you do if someone likes you but they think you like someone else and are really upset by it?

well u choose who u like the best and say sorry to the other girl or boy and ask out the girl u like

A boy says he likes you what now?

If you like him also go on a date with him. If you dont like him say sorry but I like someone else, I would really like to be friends though.