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go up and talk to him. If he doesnt know you exist show him you do. be his friend and be there for him.

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i don't know, it depends on if you think he likes you or not.

figure out what he likes in a gurl and try to be the 1

Make sure that he knows that you like him as well.

Yes. If you like her and she likes you, you should deffinately date.

Then the best friend should tell the boy that this girl likes him and after he knows the girl likes him the girl should go over and ask him out if you like him that much or make a conversataion with him so he knows that the girl really does like him and that's when they start off a relationship.

See I know she likes me, and she knows I like her. I need advice :(

Yeah a boy can like a girl even if they aren't dating. I like a boy and we aren't dating... maybe she even likes you back. Who knows?

You should show him sign that you like him, and then he'll probably show his feeling for you, since he knows you like him.

She might not be interested in you. Just because she knows you like her doesn't mean she will like you back.

if you like her and knows she likes you, tell her yes. If you don't like her tell her "No thanks, I am not interested."

Just see if he approaches you or not. If he likes you aswell, he'll come to you and talk. Maybe ask him if he knows that you like him (even if you already know he knows). Just be patient.

If the boy likes a sport you should learn how to play really good. If the is mean to you he likes you. If you want to tell him you like him you should have 1 of your friends that knows you like him and is friends with him get her or he to tell him you like him. Then after that they will be hitting on you in about a day or 2.

If a ex is horrible and mean to you it means she either knows someone who likes you and sh doesn't like it, or she likes you. No it is not

I would recommending doing it yourself honestly, it shows power to yourself and her because she kind of feels like you aren't shy around her and might even like her, who knows?

Yes you should. It may be scary and you might be nervous at first...but its the best thing to do and who knows...maybe he likes you back! :)

Even if you do not like the person, you should still be nice to him or her.

Sometimes if they like you they will sound clueless when they talk to you.Answers by other contributors:If he knows you like him and he likes you too, he should have no reason not to approach you and ask you out. If he doesn't, it means he either doesn't like you, he's seriously shy or he doesn't believe you really like him.

I wouldn't do anything. Its out just see what happens, he might come up to you. GOOD LUCK!

Yes, you should give up if your crush likes your friend. You'll eventually have a crush on someone who feels the same

just go with the flow and see what happends he might break up with her probley doesnt even like her

It can be tough for a guy to tell his true feelings to the person he likes, even if he knows that they like him back. My advice to you is ask him out. I know that sounds like a terrible idea, but from a guy's perspective, we like to be asked out every once and a while.

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