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You like your best guy friend What should you do about it?


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just tell him and wish the best theres nothing that can go wrong with them telling them even if they are dating anybody or not dating anybody so just be honest with them and if your true friends it shouldn't matter they will always be there for you )

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You should talk about it with your best friend. You both should be able to date whoever you want!

just tell him and get over it you should feel happy for her she is your best friend

if you're best friends then maybe to save your friendship you should talk to her and neither of you should try and get the guy to like you.

Well......I think you should ask your friend if it's okay.

Well if he's your best guy friend he has to know that you like him! I don't think you should try and get him to like you,just be yourself and drop little hints here and there.

Did you ever mention to your friend that you like this guy? Just try to be friends with him and tell him flirty jokes. In My "Opinion" I feel you should respect their relationship. It's going to be hard to watch your best friend date the guy you like but, if you want your best friend then you will just let this guy go and move on.

well ive had this happen to me many times. if this guy is aware that you like him, its not right for him to like your best friend. i know he probably cant help it, but that's not right. if he doesnt know you like him, but your friend does, she should be a good friend and not bother with him.

If you and your best friend like the same guy you should act normal toward each other. If you are truly BEST friends you will not get in a HUGE fight over a guy. Let the guy choose and whoever he picks, if you REALLY TRUE friends you will both except his choice.

It depends, the best thing to do is to see if the guy you both like likes you or your friend more, if he likes your friend more than you, it's best not to try anything, if, however, he likes you more than your friend, you should talk to your friend about it and confess you like that guy, and that he likes you, and ask your friend if he/she would mind you being with him, if your friend minds, than you should consider what to do next and decide if your relationship with that guy is worth to you more than your relationship with your friend.

Your best friend should not determine who you date, but she might have some insight that you are not wanting to see about him. You should definitely find out why she does not like him and then make a decision about dating him.

Comfort your friend, then ask if its OK to date him and if she says yes do it.

You should talk about his/her specialty. how he is helping you and lots of things like this.

i would say the best thing to do is move on. It hard to get a guy to like you when he doesnt. So there are plenty more guys out there for you.

First I would see if your best friend likes him because you wouldn't want to loose a friend over a guy. Secondly just be yourself, a guy should like you for who you are!

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