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If you failed it the scond time you need more practice driving.

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Q: You live in MN and you failed your road test two times what happens if you fail it again?
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What happens if you fail the road rules test in Florida three times?

You have to wait a month to take it again.

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You live in California and have failed the drivers test 2 times what happen if i fail it 3 times will i have to wait months before taking it again thanks?

if you fail for a third time in California, you have to retake the permit test, and then if you pass you will be able to take the drive test whenever you want.

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It depends on what state you live in. For the state of Conneticut, if you fail you have to wait a week or 7 days to retake the test. Others is like a month or 30 days However if u fail 3 times though

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