You lost your sslc state board of tamilnadu mark sheet how can you get duplicate mark sheet?

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How do you get duplicate ICSE mark list if the original is lost?

Answer . you can get it by downloading and submitting a form for the same from (download section). if you want it by hand, you have to attach a Demand draftof 100 rs. in the favour of CISCE, payable at New Delhi and it will take 3 working days.. Else if youwant it by courier, it ( Full Answer )

Fake mark sheet ba images?

There's nothing as such call Fake Mark Sheet. Study well and Score Top.... Nick Singh (FB.Founder) Thanks

Give the timetable for tamilnadu SSLC state board exam 2009 march?

have for the Business Math group... MARCH '09 .. 09 - Language 1 10 - Language 2 11 - English 1 12 - English 2 13 - Enviromental Education 16 - Economics 18 - Business Math 20 - Commerce 23 - Accountancy \n Source(s): \n Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Board of Examinations.....

How do you get board mark-sheet?

i have lost my mark-sheet of 10. tell how would i get it. i have lost my mark-sheet of 10. tell how would i get it

I lost my ssc certificate so how can you get duplicate mark sheet?

File a complaint at the Police Station nearby to the place where you lost the certificate. Then you will get an FIR receipt which should be submitted at the Secondary Board along with your Bonafide Certificate stating your identity and Roll No. from the School where you studied SSC. You need to p ( Full Answer )

You lost your higher secondary course certificate of tamilnadu how can you get duplicate mark sheet?

The following instructions are given by the Tamilnadu Government Instruction to get Duplicate Certificate Application should be in the prescribed form. Application form should be filled in by the applicant only. If the certificate is lost, a certificate should be obtained from given by the Tahs ( Full Answer )

Who is the state first mark in 12th tamilnadu?

Tamilnadu 12th Toppers 2012: First Mark: Name: Susmitha. Mark Obtained: 1189. School: MKV Higher Sec School, Kandampalayam, Namakkal.. Second Mark: Name: Karthika. Mark Obtained: 1188. School: MKV Higher Sec School, Kandampalayam, Namakkal.. Name: Ashok Kumar. Mark Obtained: 1188. ( Full Answer )

37117556 ssc result with mark sheet AP board 2009?

Should such things be publicly available then you should contact your tutor, the institutes' administrator or any website the institute has. The information will be published there first.

Blank mark sheet of tenth from up board.?

Dear sir, . please check my 10th up board 2009 marksheet is not showing on up board website's . pls send me feedback on my email id .

What is meant by hrd stamping on marks sheet?

Exact attestation procedure depends on the type of the certificate and destination country. To get embassy or consulate attestation the document has to be attested by Govt. of India. It has two separate department to take care of certificate attestation procedures, Human Resource Development Departm ( Full Answer )

Personal letter for request to principal to get mark sheet?

To The Principle (School Name) Date: ___________ Subject: To request a copy of mark sheet Respected Sir, I have passed my 10 th C.B.S.E BOARDS from (NAME OF THE SCHOOL) in the year 2009. My roll number is and my enrolment number is . I have lost my original mark sheet somewhere. I request ( Full Answer )

A fact sheet on mark spitz?

11 Olympic medals, he became the fourth highest medalist in the Olympic history At the age of nine, this legendary swimmer started to practice swimming at Arden Hills Swim Club in California. By the ten, he came in to the focus while he held 17 national age-group and one world record. 1972 Mun ( Full Answer )

What is the procedure for duplicate mark sheet for Maharashtra Board Pune?

Answer: The basic requirement to get Duplicate SSC or HSC certificate from Pune Board is that you will require a letter from the respective school in case of SSC and College for HSC through which you appeared . The School letter should be addressed to the Divisional Secretary , Maharashtra State ( Full Answer )

How do you get duplicate GRE score sheet?

Duplicate or Additional score reports can be ordered for a fee of US$23 per score recipient. You can order it either by web, mail, fax or phone. If you order it by Web: . First you will have to log in . You will need to create or have a My GRE Account to use this service. . Credit/debit card ( Full Answer )

You lost your sslc board of kerala mark sheet how can you get a duplicate mark sheet?

INSTRUCTIONS 1. The rate of fees for issue of duplicate in the case of SSC, TTC, or any other Certificates is Rs.200. 2. The rate of fees for the issue of triplicate certificate is Rs.500. 3. The amount of fees should be remitted in the name of applicant into a Govt. Treasury of the Kerala St ( Full Answer )

What is the punishment for a student who has obtained fake marks sheet?

submiting Fake documents and degree certificate for employment is an offence under Indian Penal Code. In case the Company cross-cehcks the fake document, they may not only refuse employment to you but can also initiate a penal action against you, which can lead to punishment upto 7 years or fine or ( Full Answer )

Where you get SSC mark sheet?

you can get your ans sheet on BSNL by sms.dont waste your time on net by searching it becoz its waste so beter to go some where of luck for your marks. AMSY

How can get duplicate mark sheet of HSC form Tamilnadu state board?

Give a police complain in your nearest police station and get the FIR copy/return statement, once done. Pay Rs 700 to your local government treasury and get the Chelan for the same. go to your school (where you completed the 10/12) and gave a letter to them with the police complain and Chelan, they ( Full Answer )

What is SSC certificate or marks sheet number?

The SSC certificate is a certificate that is given upon successfulcompletion of the Secondary School Certificate Examination. Thisexam is given in India and is a public examination for students.

What is mark sheet?

Mark sheet is the total collection of the mark which you have gain in the exam or any competition .

How can you get your Hsc mark sheet Tamilnadu?

Raise a police complaint, get the FIR copy, and submit it in the TREASURY with a fee of 700 for each mark sheet attest a photocopy of your mark sheet if you do not have it contact your school. Go to DPI office fill the form and subit the documents they will send a speed post.

What is the procedure to get consolidated mark sheet from osmania university?

write a Hand written/printed letter to Controller, and submit along with DD of Rs. 1000/-. the duplicate certifcate can be recieved by hand or can request to send through post. Its normally mentioned as it will take a moth to get the duplicate copy, but it might take a bit more, might be lesser if ( Full Answer )

How do you get duplicate ISC mark sheet if the original is lost?

you can get it by downloading and submitting a form. The downloadlink is in related links. The Council charges the following fees for the issue of thedocuments listed below: Duplicate Statement of Marks Rs.1000/- Certifying Statement of Examination Results Rs.500/- (alongwith original affidavit & n ( Full Answer )

How do you get board mark sheet?

my original marksheet is missing and i have a urgent in my duplicate marksheet so please any side of google