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You love a girl but she likes someone else?

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And let her\him know the real you not some fake image you might give off.

And try to impress her as best as you can.

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How do you know if a guy likes someone else?

iam in love with this guy but i do not know if he likes me or some other girl

What to do if you love a girl but she likes someone else?

just tell her that you love her then give her flowers and express your feelings and love for her Sweta.Shilu.Kotecha

What to do if your crush likes likes you but in love with another girl?

If they are in love with another girl then you should leave it alone completely. Eventually you'll find someone who is not involved with someone else and you don't hurt anyone, including yourself.

What do you do if your in love with a boy but someone else is to and the boy likes that girl?

You either move on and find someone else that's gonna appreciate you and love just as much as you do or you fight for who you love. Love is a battlefield. But remember that you can't make someone love you if they don't want to.

How do you get a girl to like you when she likes someone else?

You try to impress her as much as you can and most importsntly be sweet girls love that.

How do you get a girl to love you if she likes someone else?

Become friends with the guy she likes and she'll notice you. Act friendly and cheeky around her and maybe she will play along. she will get to know you and then maybe you might click. These things will get her to notice you but you cannot make someone love you. Love can't be controlled. Real love that is...

What do you do if you're in a relationship and you love that person but you are also in love with someone else?

You can't be in love with someone else. You pick one, and thats the girl you pick.

What if a girl older than you likes you as a friend but you are in love with her?

The case is complex, the girl is older and she like you. It could be platonic love, and she might be in love with someone else. If you really love her and think she is the one for you then tell her your feelings bluntly, give her the choice to decide.

If a girl has a boyfriend how do you get that girl?

to get a girl to love YOU who is going out with someone else you have to be a better person than the guy shes going out with or get someone else j stopard

How do you get a guy to fall in love with you if he likes someone else?

You can't make someone love you. If he's with another girl then leave well enough alone and move on with your life. If you're meant to be together you will be sooner or later.

What do you do when the girl you love kisses someone else?

she doesnt love you back!! get over it!

What do you do if you love a friend and you know she likes you to?

its best to ask her out, before someone else does.

What to do if the one you love likes someone else?

Make yourself more likable ( and noticable) than the person he likes

Should you ask someone to ask the girl you love if she likes you?

no, ask yourself!

How to make a girl love?

Making a girl love someone can be hard. I would try doing what she likes and make her feel special.

How do i attract a girl who i love lots but she likes someone else but she knows i love her lots and thinks iam cute?

Well first u should tell her how u feel and maybe ask her out or do stuff that she likes 2 do like if she likes to dance and sing take her to a concert or a movie or if she likes 2 play golf or even bowl than take her those places or if he likes someone else than try 2 be freinds with her or maybe a little more. I HOPE MY ADVICE WORKS love Andie

What if your boyfriend likes someone else?

Honey, if your boyfriend likes someone else, then he isn't worth your time, I know you love him and want to be with him but you need to think about yourself in this to because when your with him, you'd me thinking to yourself he wants to be with someone else, think about it hun, but follow your heart:)

You love a girl but she can't love you?

why cant she love you she have moved on Answer You either love someone or you don't. I don't know why someone can't love someone else. Do you mean she doesn't love you? No one can stop someone else from feeling love if that is what they feel so saying someone can't love you does not make sense to me.

What does it mean when a girl says im in love with you but i cant be with you?

many different things. It depends on the circumstance and other stuff. 1. could be that she likes u but has to go to another country (physically speaking) 2. She likes you but she likes someone else?

Give love letter to a girl she says she likes you the next day when the class is talking about it and someone says to her he likes you then days later the girl calls you Romeo what does this mean?

umm, love?

You love a girl she knows when you told her she like you but there is someone else in her life how to show her more love that you love her more then the other guy?

Be ther for her when he screws up if he doesn't and he likes him more it may not be meant to be or atleast not now.

How do you make a guy like you instead of another girl that likes him?

It means you like the guy while there is another girl who likes him. Love is feeling shared by two people. If the guy is in love with someone else you cannot make him like you or anyone for that matter. Love cannot be imposed on people. He chooses for himself - just like you choose for yourself, and everybody else does, too. You cannot "make" anyone choose you, and you can't prevent someone else (whom you may detest!) from setting their hopes on you, either. It's called "life".

Why is it that sometime guys like to joke that a guy likes a girl?

Because mainly the guy that is joking that another guy likes a girl is feeling insecure about the love in his life and if he doesnt have one, the fact that he doesnt have one means that if someone else is suffering in love then he wont feel so bad about his problems.

What do you do if you love a guy but he wants to be with someone else?

well this just happened to me so if that happens just do what i did leave it alone and wait till he likes yu or dumps the other girl :)

How do you ask out a socially awkward girl you have a crush on?

she is in love with someone else and you cannot have her