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You miss the legal voting age by two days is their anyway you can still vote?

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Nope. Wait until next time.

2007-06-20 07:06:11
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How many days does voting last?


How did voting change in America from the early days to the present?

Voting in America changed drastically from the early days to the present. Women and African-Americans couldn't vote in the early days and now they can.

In the early days of America's democracy how was voting done?

At first, voting was done orally. As the population grew, voting was done by dropping paper into a box.

What restricted voting in the early days of republic?

by phone

How many voting days are there?

2. Primary election and general election.

What does citizenship have to do with voting?

It is a citizen's duty to vote. In these days, it is not just voting, but taking the time to sort out the reasons for making the choice you do, with consideration of consequences.

When does Texas early voting begin?

Early voting in Texas in November begins 17 days before the election date.

What is the difference between voting in1843 and voting now days?

In 1843 neither women or Blacks had the right to vote and Democrats far outnumbered republicans

What is legal definition of business days regarding contracts in Texas?

Legal definition of "Business Days" all days excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays.

Can you have a period even if your HCG levels are still elevated after a miscarriage?

Yes. This is where timing comes into play. Your first period should be about 28-30 days after the miscarriage - that was my experience anyway.

My fiancee passed Jan.26,09 His court date for divorce was Feb.25th.We were to be married.Shortly after(30 days).We have merged eveything.He had removed his ex from insurance,but named no benficary.Does she still have legal rights He has a adult son. ?

Yes he has legal rights. The ex has legal rights if they are still married. Otherwise, no. If you are still worried, then you should have him create a last will which clearly outlines the beneficiaries. That will take care of all those problems

What three choices does the president have if he does not approve a bill?

Veto it - that is, send it back to Congress with a statement of his objectionsdo nothing with it. ( It will still become law in 10 days unless Congress adjourns before 10 days are up.)Grit his teeth and sign it anyway. ( presumably he made it clear earlier that he did not like the bill, but it passed anyway, so he gave up the fight.)

How old did a woman have to be to vote in 1955 in united states?

The voting age was 21 in those days.

Who makes a government?

The people actually.But in these days money,caste,religion etc and unintelligent voting.

In the early days of our democracy voting was done by?

White land holding men over 21.

Why was the KKK created?

The KKK was started to reduce the influence of what was then the Republican party. In the days of Lincoln, the Republican party was the more Liberal party. The Democrats were working Conservatives, while the Republicans were wealthy Liberals. Anyway, in the early days of the Klan, freed blacks were more likely to vote Republican. So in an attempt to curb the Republican influence, the Klan tried to scare (ie., terrorize) black folks into not voting. When voting intimidation laws were enacted, the Klan shifted to other priorities such as curbing interracial relationships and illegal immigration.

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6 days per year

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no not very likely anyway mine didnt for a whole week and its still alive. i think well she was but now shes lost so i dont know if shes still alive. but she did live after not exercising for a whole week.

Split ticket voting?

Split ticket voting is the current ticket system; where all candidates are shown on a ballot. Unlike in the "old" days when you would receive a ticket with the candidate of the party you affiliated with.

Why do we vote on Tuesday?

In the old days this was decided for voting, Sunday was church. Monday was the travel day to go on a horse and get to the polls. Tuesday was to be voting day. Wensday was the travel day to get back home.

Are Three Days Grace still together?

As of 2010, Three Days Grace is still together.

In legal proceedings does 10 days mean business days or calendar days?

If the term "business days" is specifically stipulated then it is business days. If there is no stipulation then it means calendar days.

You are in fifth day of you period can you take birth control pill because today is Sunday and you have to take tonight after 28 days?

If you are on the pill you take your whole packet then break for seven days. within this seven days you then come on your period, after seven days you start the next pack regardless of whether you are still on your period, (By the time you need to start your next packet your usually still on your period anyway although this varies for different women) Hope this has answered your question

A person must reside in a state for 30 days preceding any election to be able to vote?

Residency requirements for voting varies depending upon the state. For example, in Minnesota you must be a resident for 20 days before the next election in order to vote, but in Wisconsin it is only 10 days. Check out the directory below for voting information for each state.

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