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Q: You opened an audacity plugin in adobe flash now flash is messed up how do you fix it?
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What is adobe flashplayer?

Adobe Flash Player is an plugin for Internet browsers which allows for animations and streamed content to be played. It is freely available from Adobe's official website.

How do you start a plugin Adobe Photoshop cs4?

they are listed in filters menu

Does monkey quest need Adobe Flash Player?

No it needs Unity plugin!

What plugin do you need to play poptropica?

I think you need Adobe Flash Player but I'm having the same problem with Adobe so IDK

What video browser plug-ins are available for Linux?

Adobe makes an Adobe Flash Plugin. Novell makes a plugin for Silverlight for Linux. MPlayer, Xine, and VLC all have browser plugins to play MP3s, Ogg, and AVI/MP4/MPG videos.

Where do you download adobe flash player besides the adobe website?

It is safest to download the player and plugin directly from I personally would not trust a link in a third party application or website unless it is directly affiliated with Adobe. The player and plugin are both free, so don't be afraid that you may have gotten one without permission.

What is adobe shockwave?

Adobe Shockwave is a software program that adds animation to web pages. It is also a web browser plugin that allows animated content to be viewed in the browser.

Do you need adobe flash player on your computer?

Adobe Flash Player is a plugin for web browsers to display videos and animations. If you remove it, sites like YouTube will no longer function correctly.

How do you edit karaoke songs?

you can edit songs with adobe audition. Audacity is also a great free tool.

What is a swiff player?

They are probably referring to an "SWF" player. SWF stands for Shockwave Flash, and is provided by adobe. You can download the SWF plugin for your web browser by going to the adobe web site.

How do you open Adobe Flash Player 10 after installation?

Adobe Flash Player isn't a standalone program. It is a browser plugin. When content that needs the player is found on a web page, it will be launched automatically.

I can not see YouTube on Windows 7?

Answer:Youtube uses the Adobe Flash player plugin. Goto // and install the plugin there. Make sure you download and install the plugin for the correct Operating system and browser

What is the extension of files to be opened by Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is used to create and edit PDF's.The file extention need to be .PDF .The files like .docx or doc can be imported in the software and then can be converted to a PDF.So possibly you can open the doc files too in the software.

What is Adobe Flash player?

Adobe Flash Player is a plugin to display multimedia, such as videos and games, on the internet. Adobe Flash Player can be used in most major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera) and many operating systems and mobile devices.

What is the difference between Adobe Flash Player plugin and Adobe Flash Player ActiveX?

The Flash Player plugin is designed to play embedded Flash content in websites, where as the ActiveX plugin is designed to run commands from either a movie clip or small elements on the site. Things like buttons, refreshing, links, popups, closing windows, etc. Security needs to be configured to allow certain scripts to run in the browser and any scripts present in a SWF run by the standalone player.

Is shockwave plugin safe?

Yes, if obtained from Adobe's website. The official (and safe) download page is listed in the "Related links" box below.

Are there other programs like Audacity?

yes theres: Adobe Audition sweep and AVS Audio Editor so yes there are programs like aduacity

What versions of Adobe shockwave and Flash are compatible with Habbo and Mozilla Firefox?

Latest editions of Flash are needed for Habbo. Shockwave is no longer the required plugin.

How do you ger Adobe flash player?

The best and safest way to acquire the latest versions of the standalone Flash Player and the browser plugin is to get them directly from the Adobe website. They are free and you won't be able to watch any streamed 'tube' videos without it.

What is computer plugins?

Plugins refer to a small piece of executable code that is designed to complement and expand the functions or features of a bigger program - Take the Flash plugin for web browsers for example. This plugin allows playback and execution of embedded Adobe Flash content on webpages.

How does one go about opening a CFM file?

A CFM file, or Cold Fusion Markup file, is most commonly opened by the program Adobe ColdFusion. It can also be opened with Adobe Dreamweaver. The file itself is used for writing code for websites.

Does Adobe Flash Player give you viruses?

No. However, a Flash animation on a web page could potentially launch unwanted applications or spawn the installation of an ActiveX plugin. If you want to be cautious, don't allow Adobe Flash Player to be active on any untrusted sites.

Is there a software to edit audio on pc's?

Yes, Audacity is free but it isn't quite as powerful. Image Line's Fruity Loops, Adobe Audition, and Cubase are just a few.

Is pdf the same as doc?

no, .pdf files are in the format read by adobe reader, whereas .doc are files associated with Microsoft word, pdf documents are used by many websites instead of .doc files as pdf files can be read from the browser with an adobe plugin.

How do you convert RAW image into JPEG file?

Start Adobe Bridge (you have Bridge on computer if you have Adobe Photoshop CS installed), find RAW image and just double click it to open in Camera RAW Photoshop plugin, then save it as JPEG from Camera RAW.