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yes, you can only take by post. You can ask a friend to get it for you.

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Q: You passed visharad from Hindi sahitya sammelan allahabad and now you want to take your original certificate i am stayin at hyderabad right now i want to take certifaicate from postal only?
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What is the another name of Hyderabad?

The original name of Hyderabad was 'Baghnagar'.

What is the name of Nehru's house?

The original name of Nehru House in Allahabad is Ananda Bhawan.

How can you check your degree certificate is original or not?

You can check your degree certificate to see if it is original or not by looking for a raised seal on the certificate. Usually an original will have such a raised seal, a copy will not.

What is the address for original birth certificate.?

You can contact the hospital for a certificate of birth but to get a legal document you need to contact the state office. the original is on file there and you can not have that but only a legal certificate.

Do you submit your original birth certificate?


Is an authorized birth certificate the same as a certified birth certificate?

The authorized birth certificate may refer to the Original birth certificate rather than the Copy of the Birth Certificate.

What are the formalities to get original certificate from the university?

aral ka mabuti

How do you check panama certificate of competience original or not?

Ctb832467 bi

Where is samaj kalyan office for caste validity certification in pune?

I Have lost my original cast validity certificate, how to get duplicate certificate ?

Do you need an original birth certificate or can it be a copy?

It depends on the use of the birth certificate... more details please.

Is it illegal to use your original birth certificate after a name change?

no. your birth certificate folows you the rest of your life. but you parhaps do not want to use it.

How do you write a letter return my original copy of certificate?

In writing any letter, it is best to state simply why you are writing and what you want the recipient of the letter to do. In this case you must have submitted, or be planning to submit, an original certificate for some reason. Say what and when you did or will do that, then ask that the original be returned to you.