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check you motor mounts and trans alignment your pulley shouldn't wobble with a new assembly

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Q: You replaced the tensioner pulley and bearing assembly on a 3.0 2000 ford ranger after replaceing the pulley assembly it still has wobble Is there a spacer that fits between the shaft and bearing?
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How do you repair a 99 Silverado front wheel bearing that is bad?

The front wheel bearing assembly is not repairable. A new wheel bearing assembly is replaced as a complete unit. Your local auto parts store can supply you with a new bearing assembly.

How do you change the front wheel bearing on a suzuki xl7?

THE BEARING ASSEMBLY IS NOT REMOVABLE FROM the hub. It's replaced as a unit.

How do you lubricate 2004 monterey wheel bearings?

You can't. They are not serviceable. They are replaced as a hub/bearing assembly.

How do you remove the bearing seal on the front rotor of a 2003 Chevrolet S10?

If this S10 is a 4+4, the seal and bearing is not serviceable. The hub and bearing assembly is replaced as one unit.

How can you tell if a tension pulley needs to be replaced?

if there is any play at all in the bearing on the tensioner,it needs replacing. also if you hae the correct new serpentine belt and the tensioner does not keep the belt tight when installed properly,you need new tensioner

Where is a Speed sensors located in a 2001 grand am?

The speed sensor is located inside the Wheel Bearing Assembly, and cannot be replaced separate from the Wheel Bearing Assy.

How much is fixing a Pontiac grand prix se bearing?

I replaced a front wheel bearing on a 1998 GP for about $500 at a dealership. That was about 5 years ago. It's a big job to do yourself, even with air tools. The bearing is an assembly that is replaced as a unit.

Does timing belt tensioner needs to be replaced along with timing belt on a 2001 Isuzu rodeo?

Not unless the bearing in that pulley is noisy or rough when you spin it.

Why is there a noise on the passenger side of your 2000 Toyota Corolla pulley and belt replaced PS fluid is full?


What is humming on the driver side of a 2001 Chevy Malibu?

probably the wheelbearing in the hub assembly not replaceable on its own hub,bearing and abs sensor one integrated assembly and must be replaced as such

Why would a '92 Cherokee have a grinding noise when you step on the brakes or make a right hand turn after the brakes have been checked the left front bearing assembly has been replaced?

I understand the brakes have been checked, but please take the jeep to another place. It sound like your brake pads and mabe the roaters will need replaceing. hope this helps

What are examples in machinery of things that are very tight?

Spindle and bearing assembly, Different shafts and bearing assembly, Spindle and pulley assembly, bed and leg assembly, machine and motor assembly.

Can a belt tensioner overheat?

Yes belt tensioners can overheat, especially if the belt is worn or new and slightly out of line. Fortunately most of them have very common bearings and any commercial bearing shop can sell you one for a quarter of the cost of the whole tensioner.

Maita rear wheel bearing replacement?

Miata wheel bearings are replaced as an integral hub / bearing assembly. Do a search on for more detailed information. This is true of the FRONT hub assembly, but the rear assembly in the 1990-2005 cars have a replaceable bearing that is the same for all years. Removing the bearing requires removing the entire assembly from the car so the bearing may be pressed out, or gently hammered out with correct drift sizes. The bearings are USUALLY NOT the cause of rear suspension noises. The CV joints are much more likely to fail than the bearings.

Does a wheel bearing come with the wheel hub assembly?

With a Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly, you might get both the wheel bearing and the hub assembly. Sometimes, especially with FWD vehicles, the front hubs will not have the bearing with them but the rear hub assembly will. Most part manufacturers will follow what ever the auto company recommends.

What causes the tensioner pulley to go bad?

There are three sources to belt tensioner failure. The first is through routine wear and tear of the drive system, which is inevitable. Other failure include failure of the pulley bearing resulting in noise, and weakening of the spring loaded assembly itself.

CHow can you know if your pulley is bad or the entire tensioner assembly on a Windstar?

If the tensioner cannot put a full 'load' on a new belt (as shown by the wear indicator markings on the side of the tensioner) - it's likely the tensioner requires replacing.NOTE: some sources recommend replacing it at 60,000A bad pulley (bearing) would be making whining/screaming noises.See "Related Questions" below for more

Why does serpentine belt keep shreadding on 1999 ZX2 quickly in less than 1 mile?

you have a bad bearing on either the tensioner pully or the idler pully. both should be replaced for success.

Where can you get help locating an AC tensioner pulley for a 2001 Chevy Metro LSI with a 1.3 liter engine?

There is no direct replacement for the AC Tensioner pully assembly on the Metro autos. Bearing replacement is the only way to fix this item since no one makes it. Rubber sealed Bearing No.# 6006 DUL1 - (google: '6006-2RS 6006-ZZ Radial Ball Bearing 30X55X13' or find it at: It retails for about $3.00 with $3.65 shipping. I haven't replaced the bearing yet but others have so it can be done at home using oversized/exact sized sockets and a drift. Good luck!

Is there a difference between a rear hub assembly and a rear wheel bearing for a 1999 CRV?

If you're trying to replace the rear wheel bearing and all you can find is the rear hub assembly, it probably means that you can't get just the bearing. Many vehicle manufacturers press the bearing into the assembly at the factory and there is no way to replace just the bearing. If they're offering the assembly, that's probably what you'll need to buy.

2003 Suburban needs bearing replaced on idler pulley this after a new belt was installed four months ago could to much tension on the new belt have caused the bearing to give out?

If you noticed it has a spring loaded tensioner just for that reason, To keep things from wering out so soon. I would say that it was time for the bearing to go out.

How do you know when a hub bearing assembly needs to be replaced?

You will definitely hear some wrong noise from the wheel, so, you would know. Get ready for $350-400... :O(

What is the price for a front wheel bearing for a 2000 Pontiac sunfire?

Well its a wheel bearing hub assembly that you need to buy. Autozone has a Timken/Wheel Bearning/Hub Assembly-front its $79.99 and they have the Duralast/Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly-Front $51.99

What comes in a hub bearing kit?

typically a hub bearing kit, or hub bearing assembly, comes with everything you need to replace the hub bearing.

How hub assembly is assembled?

The hub/bearing assembly is pressed together. This item is not serviceable.