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Physical - the water is just evaporating.

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Q: You take a shower and your hair begins to dry is that a chemical or physical change and why?
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When you shower and your wet hair begins to dry is that a chemical change?

No, there is no change at all to you hair. _____________ This is not a chemical change, but a physical change instead.

Is mildew in the shower chemical or physical change?

physical change

Is taking a shower a chemical or physical change?

Pure physical - until you use soap.

When During a rain shower the road surface is likely to be most slippery?

In the 30 minutes after the shower begins

What present begins with the letter q?

quilt (bridal shower)

Bridal shower gifts begin with the letter s?

Silverware is a bridal shower gift. It begins with the letter S.

Where can someone find a reputable tub and shower dealer?

There are several physical stores where one can find reputable tub and shower products. Some of these physical stores that carry tub and shower products are Lowe's, Home Depot, and Menards.

What can be found in the shower that begins with the letter a?

You could find an anti-slip mat in the shower. The mat helps to protect users from a potentially devastating accident.

To condense is a physical or chemical change?

Condensation can be a physical process whereby a vapour becomes a liquid e.g. the 'steam' (water vapour) from your shower condenses on the bathroom window and runs down as water to form a puddle on the windowsill. Warm air can hold more water than cold air - the warm, vapour-laden air is cooled as it comes in contact with the colder glass and can hold less vapour so the surplus appears as water on the glass. In chemistry there are 'condensation reactions'

How might clouds change from a morning rain shower to a sunny day?

how might clouds change from a morning shower to a sunny day

Why is it bad to flush the toilet when someone is in the shower?

Because it effects the water pressure of the shower. This causes the temperature of the water in the shower to also change.

What physical change happens when a mirror fogs?

A gas is changing to a liquid. Namely evaporated water (such as steam from a shower) is coming into contact with the cooler mirror and turning back into liquid water.