Pokemon Silver Gold and Crystal

You think your Pokemon silver is a fake?


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i think yes i don't know all i know for game boy is Pokemon frigo returns, Pokemon pearl, Pokemon darkcry, Pokemon bule diamond, for gba


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No, it is in the gold silver series of Pokemon and has Suicone on it so it is not fake.

Yes, Pokémon: Pure Silver is indeed a fake game.

not if you have it from youtube that was a fake video

i think the best fire type in silver is entie

yes ther is a game but i think its fake? yes ther is a game but i think its fake?

I don't think you get a surfboard in silver, I think you get the HM move: surf

i think u get it from mail from your mom

In Pokemon silver I think

Pokemon oval, i think its fake but it might be the fake name of Pokemon platinimun if you are worndering what it is its a glitch free vertion of Pokemon pearl and dimond its real name is Pokemon platinmun and yes its real

cuz they think Pokemon silver and gold are better than Pokemon crystal.

Real Silver has the numbers 925 on it, but fake Silver doesn't. And real silver won't fade, but will tarnish and fake will fade and turn into like a copper color.

silver and soul silver Pokemon ranger shadows of almia i think that's it

It is not possible to get fake Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get fake Pokemon in any Pokemon game is to play a hacked version.

i think banette cant be caught on pokemon soul silver, im pretty sure its a hoenn and sinnoh pokemon.

i think a remake of Pokemon gold and silver

i dont know what that means but i think the answer is that it is impossible

i don't think you can get zangoose in Pokemon heart gold.i think only in soul silver

No I don't think she was invented then.

Silver Tone Jewelry. Yes. Silver. No.Silver tone is just the colour of silver. Silver is not fake because that is the material used to make jewlery

No. Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Leaf Green and Fire Red are NOT fake. because there are NO fake Pokemon in the games.

I think it is behind the dragon gym, you have to have a pokemon that knows surf and I think whirlpool as well.

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