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well, make sure they don't have a girl friend/boyfriend, observe how the act around others. if they dont really flirt with others, and they flirt with you, they probably like you, but are afraid to make the first move.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-02 04:28:44
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Q: You think your crush likes you but you are not sure how do you tell if he does?
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What if your friends keep on telling you that your crush likes but you don't think he does?

Ask him if he likes u, and if he denies it tell him u have a crush on him and see if he says he likes u.

My best friend's crush likes me what do I do?

Tell him i don't think this is right, tell the truth.

How can you tell if your crush likes you or not?

He/she wouldve already hinted that they liked you. Do they look at you Alot? Do they talk to you or try to impress you ? Those are hints you should take if you think your crush likes you.

Should you ask your crush's friend if your crush likes you?

Yes you can do that but you have to make sure that your crush's friend wont tell your crush, because then if your crush doesn't like you it might be weird to be around that person.

What if your chrushes sister tell your sister that your crush likes you?

go to my crush and have sex

How can I get my crush's friends to tell me my crush likes me?

Forget about your crush's friend - ask your crush yourself if he/she does!

What should you do if you are sure your crush likes you but it also seems like he likes another girl?

maybe tell him you like him like i did and he might say he likes you back like mine said to me

What do you do if your crush knows you like him and he likes you but just wants to be friends?

first u become friends........ then when u think that its the ight time then u can tell him that he is your crush

What does it mean when someone says your crush likes you but your crush says that they like you as a friend?

believe the crush and when you. do tell your crush you like him or her

How do you tell your friend their crush likes you?

just ease into it. start it off like" i think ______ is so cute, don't you?" just talk about him/her in a good way and say" you know, i think _______ likes me." .

If you have a huge crush on your best guy friend and you think that he likes you back but your not really sure if he does what do you do?

the best thing you can do is tell him, and the worst thing that will happen if he is really your friend, is it will be awkward for a week... email me and tell me how it goes:

What do you do if your secret crush is being hogged by your enemy who pretends to be your friend and you think your secret crush likes her more than you?

Tell your crush that you like him so that if your enemy tells him after you, he could choose which girl to have. if you don't tell him, then you'll be depressed because you have to watch your crush and your enemy mingle.

You have a crush on this girl and you flirt a little and are quite sure she likes you but she has a crush on another guy what should you do?

if you really like her ask her if she likes you and tell her you like her that way she will know how you really feel and youll get your answer if she likes you or not, its a long shot but if u truly like this girl you will do as i say!

How can a girl tell her crush she likes them?

Just text him or say this: There's something i wanna tell u don't get mad but i think i love u.

How can you tell if your crush is into you?

if he smiles at you and then once you look at him he looks away it meens he likes you. you can also tell your crush you like him by doing that to him.

What is a creative way to tell your mom about your crush?

Bring up your crush in conversation. Start talking about someone your think also likes him/her. Then say "you remember when I said that --- likes that guy/girl? I like them too" it should work.

What if you have a crush but he accually likes one of your friends what should you do?

if your friend likes him back, then don't do anything.Tell him how you feel otherwise (only if shes sure she dont want him)

How do you tell your friend that her crush likes you instead?

Say, "Um, {Name} Your crush likes me, but I'll give him to you. He's not my type", or, " Please don't be mad, but your crush{Name of crush} likes me, and not you, can we still be friends, even if I date him?" PS And I am 10 years old so If that doesn't help, Sorry.I think relation ships are creepy in a way.

How do you get the boy you likes best friends to tell you if your crush likes you and you and your crush are only in 7th grade?

Just ask him, i asked my best guy friend if the guy i have a crush on likes me or who does he just ask him and tell him not to tell anyone and if he does, oh well ur prolly not gunna see him when u go to college, and get married. SO JUST ASK HIM-----I DID-----

You think a guy likes you but he doesnt take an action?

he may just be shy. find out for sure if he likes you and if he does tell him you like him to if you do.

How do you tell if your crush likes you for seventh graders?

see how they treat you.

When should you tell your crush you like him?

depends on if you know he likes you or not

How can you tell if your crush likes you if they go to a different school?

ask them

How can you tell if your guy crush likes you?

He looks at you, touches you, or talks to you or about you.

How can tell if a girl likes you?

see the question "I am a goofy guy and I'm not sure when a girl likes me or something so how do i tell cause i think a girl likes me." it will tell you everyting you need to know!!!! (the tips really work!!)