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The G stands for Gophers. From 1907-1910 Minnesota had a team in the Negro Leagues named the St. Paul Colored Gophers.

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Tennessee titans Houston oilers uniform?

The Tennessee Titans moved from Houston where the Oilers . .so their 'throwback' uniforms are Oiler uniforms.

What uniform is kansas city football team is wearing today means?

It is a throwback to the team's origins as the Dallas Texans. Notice the State of Texas on their helmets.

What does the three stand for on the Minnesota Twins jerseys for for?

That is the uniform number of Harmon Killebrew.

Does Minnesota grant a spouse an elective share upon the death of their spouse?

Yes, look in the Uniform Probate Code, Chapter 524 of Minnesota Statutes.

Why does Pat the Patriot wear the number 63 on his jersey?

Pat Patriot does not usually wear #63, he usually wears 1 or 0. However, this season (2009) the original AFL teams are going to be wearing throwback uniforms to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the AFL. In the Patriots case, they chose the uniform from 1963. Thus, in tribute the 1963 team, Pat Patriot wore jersey #63 for the season opener versus the Buffalo Bills (who were also wearing a 1960's throwback uniform)

Did the Jews were striped pyjamas?

No, not striped pyjamas. Bruno thought they were pyjamas, but it was the uniform of the camp prisoners.

How many children under the age of 19 were killed by guns in 2009?

For the US, that information is contained in the 2009 FBI Uniform Crime Report.

How come the Miami Heat wear black at home games when other NBA teams wear white?

The Miami Heat have an alternate all black uniform they wear on occasion at home starting in the 2011-2012 NBA Season in addition to their traditional white uniforms. This uniform is not to be confused with their black road uniforms, as they are two different color schemes as well as different material. Other alternate uniforms worn by the Miami Heat at home include the Latin Nights "El Heat" uniform, the "Throwback-Miami Floridians" uniform, and seldom the team will wear their alternate red uniform at home.

Why the flap on the uniform?

Navy uniforms are based on very old traditions that go clear back to the 18th century. The flap behind the neck of the dress uniforms is a throwback to the days when sailors sometimes put tar in their hair to guard against salt spray.

I hear that the Miami Dolphins may wear their throwback uniforms in certain games during the 2010 season Is there any truth to that?

They don't have throwback uniforms - they have worn the same uniform style since their founding; their alternate jerseys are orange, they're not throwbacks. The only throwback they have is the logo; the logo used until 2013 is a "fatter" version of the original logo; the newest logo, debuting in 2013, is similar to the first two logos except it portrays a silhouette of a swimming Dolphin without a helmet as opposed to the Dolphin with helmet of the original logos; the new logo also sports a "retro" look similar to the 1970s-80s original.

What uniform did Rod Carew wear?

Rod Carew wore #29 for his entire career (1967-1978 for the Minnesota Twins and 1979-1985 for the California Angels).

Why don't French children wear a uniform to school?

French children dont wear a school uniform because these were phased out by the government in the seventies. Back then it was thought that wearing an uniform was hindering the ability of pupils to be creative and open-minded. Now there is some talk to bring the uniform back to reinstate some sense of equality in the classroom (plus some sense of order)

What were the goals of enacting Napoleonic code of law?

A uniform law accross all of France, that was published and available, that contained no secret exceptions, that applied to everyone and that was simple and secular. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That does not answer the question.

Do chefs wear uniform?

Definitely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not uniform but A uniform

Is it a misprint to have a card that shows is roger Craig with a raiders uniform on and says Minnesota Vikings under his name?

No, Craig played for the Vikings, but his prior season (when the photo was taken) was with the Raiders.

What is a model in which each outcome has an equal probability of occurring?

A uniform distribution.A uniform distribution.A uniform distribution.A uniform distribution.

What does against uniform mean and for uniform?

When someone is against uniform it means not to wear them. It mean that they do not like uniform and they are not allow.

Sentences with word uniform?

every school has its Uniform. The fact is very uniform in nature.

What is a football uniform?

a uniform that you where for football

When your in college Army ROTC do you get a uniform?

You get several different types of uniforms - PT uniform, dress uniform, ACU uniform, etc.

Is uniform a prefix?

uni is a prefix but uniform is a word uni is a prefix but uniform is a word

What is a sentence with the word uniform?

I like wearing uniform.Keep your uniform clean at all times.You will get your uniform tomorrow.The police unicorn had his very own uniform.

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