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Yes it would if it was solar powered car.

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Q: You took a car to the moon would it work?
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If you took a car to the moon would it work?

yes and no.Because the motor and stuff would work but because of the gravity you couldn't really drive it,it would't be heavy enough.

Why would a solar powered car work on the moon?

The Solar cars can use solar power in the umbrella of the moon the Apollo 16 spacecraft.

Who took a car to the moon?

No one? I don't think! ... Well Harry Potter, Maybe?

What would happen to a car tire on the moon?

It would just lye there.

Would a toy car have more potential energy on the moon than does on the earth?

On Earth, gravity slows down the car, but the moon has very little gravity. Thus, the potential energy of the car would be limitless.

Which move faster your family car or the moon?

the moon moves faster than a car

What would a car weigh on the moon if it weighed 3000 pounds?

On the moon things weight 16.6 % of what they weigh in earth. So a 3000 lb. car would weigh 498 lbs.

Is a car faster than the moon?

no the moon is faster

What would happen if a car flew to the moon?

It will destroy the car because of the asteroid belt around the earth.

When is it safe to look at the moon?

We would prefer that you not be driving a car, but other than that it is not unsafe to look at the moon at any time.

How governor helps the car?

The governor in a car engine limits how fast the car can go. If you took it out, the car wouldn't have a limit and would keep going faster and would break down.

How long would it take to travel to the moon by car?

At its closest, it is 223,700 miles away from Earth. So if you were riding in a car going 70 miles per hour, it would take you 135 days to get there. Imagine how long it would take you when the moon is at its farthest from Earth: 251,700 miles!(Of course it is impossible to go in a car, since there is no road between the Earth and the Moon.)

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