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What is the difference of outline and implied lines?

An outline is the contour (edges) of a drawn or painted object. An implied line can be a series of dots or a broken line that reads as a line.

What is the difference between nextLine and next method in scanner class java?

nextLine() reads a complete line while next() reads the next token ( a single word)

Is it possible that one blue line is lighter then the other can you still be pregnant?

Yes. For a fact it's still positive.

Instructions for first response home pregnecy test when one line is lighter then the other one?

If one line is lighter than the other the likelihood is that you are pregnant. If you have a line showing in each window (even if one is lighter) this indicates a positive result. You should check it again in a couple of days with another test to confirm.

If the line is faint on a pregnancy test is it accurate?

Yes ,if the line is soppose to be pink for positive then a faint pink line indicates positive, the time of day you urinate may be the difference between a strong positive or a weak positive. I would have a serum blood test done to be sure either way.

What's the difference between positive 40 - 50 in a number line?


What are implied lines?

a series of dots or a broken line that reads as a line

If you have a positive pregnancy test are you actually pregnant?

Most likely yes, you are pregnant or were. I don't think a pregnancy test can read positive without HCG present and HCG is produced by pregnancy. If it is a digital pregnancy test and reads positive you are definitely pregnant. Do be aware of evaporation lines that are gray or colorless. Make sure this positive line is colored. If the positive lines are not all colored you could be seeing the evaporation line which could be misread as a positive.

Difference between fgets and gets?

Both fgets() and gets() read a line terminated with a newline terminator, while gets() reads from stdin and fgets() reads from a specified file. Also, gets() strips the trailing newline from the result.

Is the difference between two negative numbers positive?

The difference between ANY two numbers that are different, is positive. For example, the difference between -5 and -3 is 2. You can move two whole numbers either up from -5, or down from -3, on the number line.

Is a slope of a line always positive?

No because the slope of a line can be positive or negative

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on a vw crafter?

In line fuse on be crafter for cigarette lighter

How do you find if a graph is proportional?

It is a straight line through the origin, with a positive slope.It is a straight line through the origin, with a positive slope.It is a straight line through the origin, with a positive slope.It is a straight line through the origin, with a positive slope.

On a pregnancy test does one or two lines mean you're pregnant?

On most pregnancy tests: 1 line means: if the one line that you see is the control line, your test is negative; if the one line that you see is the test line, your test is invalid, and you must use a new test. 2 lines means: if you have two lines on a pregnancy test then your test is positive; if one line is lighter than the other, your test result is still positive.

How do you teach the difference between negative numbers?

Put all the numbers - zero, positive, negative - on a number line. Positive numbers to the left, negative numbers to the right. The difference between any two numbers is represented by the distance between them. Thus putting numbers on a number line is a great visualization tool.

Ultrasound scan shows no follicle rupture but i missed my period and got a faint line on preg test am i pregnant?

Yes. The pregnancy test is nearly 99% correct if it reads positive. Congrats.

Difference between scanf and gets?

The result: 'gets' just reads a line, 'scanf' parses the input and reads data into one or more variables, according to the format string. by nazir husain D-5 kalaka ji new delhi -19 contect no 9717416642

What is the rise of a line?

Rise of a line is a positive slope.

what- Classify the slope of the line.?


If you take a drug test and the line is very faint?

a faint line means a weak positive a strong line means a strong positive

Where is the in line fuse for the cigarette lighter Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 53 plate have checked fuse box all ok must be in line any ideas thankyou?

The line fuse for the cigarette lighter Vauxhall Zafira is usually located between center electrode and the shell of the lighter jack.

What is a positive linear relationship?

A linear relationship is one where your equation forms a straight line. A positive linear relationship is one where this line has a positive gradient.

The difference of the absolute value of two numbers is positive?

Yes. The absolute value of two numbers is ALWAYS positive. This is because absolute value means "the number of spaces a number is from zero on a number line.

Difference between line and staff organization?

difference btn line and line and staff organization

If you have a faint pink line on a First Response pregnancy test does that mean you're pregnant?

I just tested today and the same thing happened to me. I read in the instructions that it is positive, even if the test line is lighter than the control line. It could be that your hormone levels are low and you are not that far along. Good luck:)