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You should have used a dusk ball.

LOL of course its bad......Master ball should be saved for a powerful roamer like Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno (yes, you can catch them in platinum without migrating via Pal Park and with no cheats).

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โˆ™ 2009-08-12 10:49:01
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Q: You used your master ball on Giratina was that good or bad?
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How do you cathc Giratina in platinum?

i used my master ball

What is the easiest way to catch Giratina?

i would use a master ball. If you already used it up, try affecting it with a special condition. Then throw a bunch of ultra balls. Good luck!

I used my master ball on Giratina unfortunately What do i do to get master balls in Pokemon platinum in a faster way than the lottery and if i don't have an AR?

you can migrate master balls from previous games and you can also use the emerald cloning glitch.

Should you use master ball on Giratina?

Ive done it before and i used Dark Balls to capture him... Note: The cave is always at night (Dont know Why..) So the answer would be No...

What poke ball do you need to catch girantina?

Well of course master ball if you have it (thats what i used but then again i cheat) But your best bet would be dusk balls since they work better in dark places and giratina is in a cave.

What pokeball is good for capturing Palkia?

Try using an Ultra Ball or even the Master Ball (if you haven't used it yet).

Which Pokemon should you used the masterball on?

You can use it on giratina, but, you can catch him with adusk ball.... so probably on dialga or palkia u shouldn't use ur master ball on dialga and palkia because they got a catch rate of a chatot

Where can you get a master ball cheat if you already used your master ball?

go on it will help u

What poke' ball should be used to catch tornadus?

A master ball

I used my master ball on Giratina what do i need to do if i want to get another one in a faster way than the lottery and if i don't have an AR?

You just gotta um i guess get a better Pokemon or trade to get another Giritina

What if you used your master ball on Palkia-is there a way you can get another master ball?

There's no legit way to get another master ball, aside from hacking the game you can't. You can win the lotto.

How do you catch Giratina in Pokeman Pearl?

After finishing the league and earn the national pokedex, the spring path will be unlocked on route 214, then enter it. Use rock climb and go inside the cave. After passing three pilars, giratina will show up. It will be at lvl 70, so prepare your strongest pokemon, and attack it until Giratina's HP only left a bit. Don't use defog from the start. If you already using defog, Giratina will be harder to catch. Then, if you don't want to waste you balls, just use Master Ball. But if you already used it, make Giratina paralys, then spam it with Great Ball. After that use Timer Ball. The last one, use Repeat Ball. You should bring : 90 Great Ball 50 Timer Ball 50 Repeat Ball I'm happy to answer your question :)

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