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It is difficult with Windows (if possible), but you can download PRINTLOCK from - it will allow you to password protect any printer.

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Q: You want to password protect your home printer it is not on a network but you just want to have to type in a password in order to allow anyone to print their document IS this possible to do?
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What is the password for the wifi network printer?

You have to give the printer the same SSID and password of the network your using.If you have a user password for the printer for multiple users then you would have to ask the administrator or whoever set the printer up for the password.

How do you change the forget password for network printer?

Network printer which has password . which you cannot make any changes

Does a network interface card require a special password to perform network printing?

Only if the printer is password protected. Generally not.

Is it possible to connect to a network printer when you are not part of the network?

No it is not possible. When not part of a network you do not have the sufficient privileges to access the printer. If the network was setup as a VPN you would be able to connect it from an offsite location.

Is it possible for a single printer to be both local and network?

A network printer is shared by more than one computer. A local printer is directly connected to one computer. But the printer can be set up as a local or a network printer.

How does network printing actually work?

Network printing works like normal printing as far as your document is concerned, but the computer does a little more work. Normally, the computer sends the document to a printer physically plugged in to it and it prints. In this case, the printer isn't plugged in, but is instead on the network, usually connected another computer. The computer printing would send the data over the network to the computer hosting the printer as if the printer were plugged in to the local machine.

Is a network printer an impact printer?

maybe, a network printer is any printer connected via network cable

How do you give your printer access to particular users in a network?

After sharing the printer, add the users or groups that you want to have access to the printer, along with 'print' ability, such as 'create document' authority.

What details of the wireless network are needed to install a wireless printer?

Information needed to assure successful configuration of a wireless printer for your wireless network includes your Wi-Fi network name and its password. Other information needed varies by operating system used in the network.

How do you get a printer to work on a network?

You must have a network capable printer, with either an internal or external network connection, or you may connect the printer to the network as a shared printer connected to a network computer.

How network printers works?

A network printer is a USB printer connected to the network, and any computer connected to the same network can see and send data to the network printer. Using a single network printer means that each computer doesn't need to have their own printer.

What is a Shared network printer?

That is a printer that is accessible to computers in a network

What printer has a network port and connects directly to the network and not to an individual?

That would be a network printer.

Does your printer have to be wireless to be on a wireless network?

No, it does not have to be. You can make it accessible in wireless network if you connect it to one of computers working in that network. Some routers have on board print servers it makes possible connecting your printer directly to router (via USB).

How do you connect the printer in network?

You have be more specific about what sort of printer it is (local printer, network printer) and what sort of network you plan on incorporating it into (local area, wide area, wireless).

You are not able to print a test page from your windows 2000 PC to your local hp deskjet printer what is a possible cause of the problem?

Either the network is down, the printer cable is not connected properly, the Windows print spool is stalled, or you have the wrong printer drives installed. The question above says that this is a local printer not a network printer.

A printer connected to a computer by way of a port on a computer is called?

It is known as a local printer, as opposed to a network printer, which is a printer connected to a network.

How is a network printer identified on a network?

A network printer has its own IP address,. you can identify it by "pinging" the IP.

Why is my printer saying it is busy when it is not?

Try restarting the printer. If it's a network printer, try disconnecting it from the network temporarily.

Does wireless printer have to be on to receive a job from iPad?

Most network printers have a low-power standby mode which they use when waiting to receive print jobs. The iPad will only let you print to an active printer that it sees on the network, so if you see your printer's model, it is powered on and will wake to print the document.

Can you use an ethernet switch to connect to one network plug and then plug in a printer to share on the network?

If you printer has a printer server attached or network compatible, the answer is yes you can.

What is network printer and local printer?

A network printer is shared by more than one computer. A local printer is directly connected to one computer.

What is the difference between local printer and network printer?

A local printer is connected directly to a computer, either by wifi or cable. A network printer is connected to a home or business network and can be used by any computer connected to the home or business network.

How do you print a document?

To print a document, you must first install a printer. After your printer is installed, you simply choose the print option in the document.

How do you get my printer to type larger?

Normally the font size is set when the document is being created, and before the document is sent to the printer. If it is possible to alter font size with in your printer - then go to the maker's website for instructions, or look through the user guide. It would have helped to give a specific answer if you had given the name and model of your printer, etc!