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As a owner of a beauty website I think I might be able to help you on this one. :)

Its not a simple answer if that is what you are looking for. This is just a small sample

of what you need to be thinking about before jumping in.

Do you have an idea of what toiletries you want to sell first? Depending on where

you live you may need a business license and a tax id so look into that as well.

You need suppliers, a website and domain name, shopping cart, merchant account, paypay business account, a logo and USP. Are you going to be selling local or worldwide?

If you are going to sell on eBay, I can't help you there I don't waste my time selling beauty products on eBay.

You have to decide if you are the one creating them or the middle person. Using

dropshipers is easier because you have the carry their products on your website

and they do the shipping out for you. You need to look around and see what others

are offering and see if you can do better. Do not think that selling it cheaper is always

the answer. When you buy something that's a beauty product, do you go for the cheaper brand or would you rather use high-end products?

When it comes to types of toiletries you need to decide which types, what brands, natural or organics, skincare, makeup, bath & body, men's care. Are you going to handle everything or are you planning on paying someone to help you?

Always work with those you can trust.

There is more to this but this should help you get thinking and planning what you need and what you want to do.

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