You were addicted to heroin and didnt know you were 4 months pregnant when i found out i got on methadone to quit using now im not on anything will my baby go through withdrawls?

Hello, I take methadone 10 mg for chronic pain and found out i was pregnant. I continued my treatment under the supervision of my doctor. I reduced my med to twice daily on my own accord. I felt guilty for taking the meds but was reassured because of my condition i needed to continue. I was induced and had a healthy son,..... i thought until rapid breathing and extreme withdrawal symptoms started to take it toll on my innocent newborn. The doctors told me there should only be minimum to no effects on him. He was in the hospital for a week with a food tube in his nose because he was breathing so fast he couldn't breastfeed. That week was the worst week of my life and he also had to do a six week ween off of liquid methadone and titrated it every few days. While on the med he also had a heart monitor hooked to him to monitor his breathing. This monitor had to go with him everywhere and made a ear piercing beep if something was abnormal or just a pad came off. It was bad. All in all the aftermath is good. He is a happy,healthy 18 month old boy who has no health issues. My advice, if you can get off it...for your child's sake. Do it. We were lucky and I do not wish the kind of worry and guilt that I felt on anyone. thank you. I hope this helps. Take care.