You were asked by a client to research Lillian Nordica-she is convinced that Ms Nordica owned a did lillian nordica own a home in jonesport Maine?

You are on the right track, (Boston and Maine!) Mme Nordica had an estate in what is now called Farmington, Maine (obviouskly a rural, agrarian area) there is a Nordica museum on the site. Towns do change names over the years- for example there is a Lidice (Pronounced Lid-Each-Ay) not Lidiss) in Illinois renamed after the village massacred by the SS in World War II. Towns do change names, so beware. Get a museum directory and look it up. As far as I know they are still in business. Nordica was the first Yankee Diva- American Girl to hit big-time opera, though many think that Geraldine Farrar was the first native talent in that line, Nordica came earlier, but WA never Lead singer at the Met. (metropolitan opera)