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Q: You were dreaming about running through a cemetery and you couldn't get away from the headstones what does this mean?
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Who is in charge of running Arlington Cemetery?

As an active military cemetery, it is administered by the Defense Department.

Dream about running and almost going to a cemetery but woke up?

To dream that you are in a cemetery, indicates an end to a habit or behavior. You are experiencing a rebirth. More directly, the dream may symbolize sadness, unresolved grief or your fears about death. So if you dreamt of running towards a cemetery, then any one of the above could be true !

Why do dogs act like there running when there asleep?

The dog is dreaming and chasing something so they run.

How is Microsoft programs used in the work environment?

well... theres a good chance your computer is running off Windows... so without that you couldnt work.

What did mitt romney and Barack Obama do before running for president?

they led normal lives and were probably dreaming of becoming president.

Why does david pelzer like running to school?

runs to school because his mother had been abusing him , and was told he wasnt part of the family so he couldnt use the car.

How can you tell when a dog is having seizures or if it is just dreaming... sleep walking running barking ect...?

Try to wake the dog up. If the dog wakes up, it was just dreaming. If the dog doesn't wake up it is probably a seizure.

Is it bad to dream every night?

no no because dreams are creation of mind . you might notice sometimes that the things running through your mind are the ones that you are dreaming of.

Why do dogs bark in their sleep?

Usually if a dog is barking in their sleep, or moving, like running in place.. they are dreaming about chasing something. Or a stranger, and they are barking at it..personally my dog barks, in a way that is hard to explain..its more of like a bop.. anyway. that's my conclusion.

What does dreaming about running mean?

More information about the specific dream would be needed for any meaningful interpretation. Generally speaking, dreams about running away from something often refer to some problem that the dreamer is avoiding in real life.

Dogs twitch their paws when they are sleeping?

When a dog dreams, sometimes it will physically "act out" what it the dog is dreaming. For instance, if he or she is dreaming about digging or running, the paws may twitch. Some dogs bark and growl in their sleep, too. It's nothing to be worried out about at all--it's completely normal.

What does it mean when you dream of running from someone?

It depends whom you are running from. If it is a stranger, it could be a warning to stay away from them.More information:Dreams of running away from something are often figurative representations of the dreamer running away from some problem in real life. For example, one might want to "run away" from unpaid bills, an upcoming exam or a confrontation with a certain person. When one tries to avoid unpleasant issues, the subconscious mind will present a dream of literally running away. Sometimes such dreams can be resolved through lucid dreaming, in which the dreamer stops running, turns around and discovers what it is they are running from, all during the process of dreaming. Perhaps a better solution would be to figure out what one is avoiding in real life and deal directly with that issue. Then the running dreams will stop.

Why do your legs kick and jerk while you sleep?

Because they're probably dreaming of running after something but part of their brain keeps mothion down to a minimum, otherwise they would sleepwalk.

Can dogs have dreams?

yes of course! just like us dogs can have dreams. have you never seen a dog flinching its little legs a little? that means he is dreaming about himself running around :)

What does it mean when you have a dream that the devil is following you?

Dreaming of a devil that is following you signifies a fear that is following you. It means that you must be fearing and running away from something in your real life and in your dreams that fear turns into a devil.

Why is your dog twitching in his sleep?

It's usually just because they are dreaming. Mine twitches his feet in his sleep and apparently it's because he's running in his dream. He also slightly barks in his sleep.

What does dreaming of being attacked by a bull mean?

Usually dreams of being chased or attacked mean that you are running from some type of stress. The bull could represent anything, such as a person you know or a concept such as work.

What do it mean when you dream of cats running toward you?

It means you are dreaming of cats running toward you. Interpretation of dreams is always extremely personal; it depends on your own experiences and what is happening in your life right now. There is no single interpretation for any dream, you must consider what relation this has to your current life and feelings, and to your memories.

Why do some children toss and turn while asleep?

Good question. No, GREAT question. Well most of the time it is just your child dreaming. But if your child is acting odd also, sit them down and ask if anything is bothering them. Most likely your child is dreaming very hard. Your child might be running in his or her drean or looking around. If I were you I would not worry about it.

What is some good winter running gear?

This is an absolute must for me. I couldnt live without my Under Armour fitted running tights and my moisture-wicking top. My standard winter-running outfit keeps me warm after I start moving and wicks away moisture to keep me dry. According to an article in the New York Times, this is the perfect combination for outdoor exercise apparel because it prevents hypothermia, which is brought on by the combination of sweat and cold

Im going to try lucid dreaming Can i be a animal in it because i heard to know your in it you can write something on your hand to remind yourself but i want to be a cat in it?

There is quite a bit of nonsense circulating on the Internet about lucid dreaming, which was developed as a technique of controlling nightmares, to be used with a professional therapist. Like any other skill, lucid dreaming comes easily to some, other individuals find it difficult or impossible. Dreaming is a function of the subconscious mind; in lucid dreaming, the conscious (waking) mind becomes alert while the dream is occurring and takes control of the progress of the dream. So it is not simply a matter of deciding to dream about a certain subject or experience, like dreaming of being a cat. It doesn't work like that. The first step to lucid dreaming is to learn to become aware that you are dreaming. That alone can take quite a bit of effort and practice. Then you may be able to change the direction of your dream; for example, instead of running away from something chasing you, you might be able to stop and demand that the "something" identify itself. Again, that can be a big accomplishment. Claims that you can recognize that you are dreaming by looking in a mirror, or trying to read printed material are not reliable. Writing something on your hand is not likely to help at all, since you may appear completely altered in the dream.

What causes lucid dreams?

There is a scientific definition for lucid dreaming. From my point of view, Lucid dreaming can be caused from an experienced dreamer once you come to the understanding/awareness that you are dreaming. This dreamer can take control in dreams. EX. reoccuring dream that a person keeps slicing your hands with a razor blades... 1st dream you get sliced,2nd dream you get sliced again,while dreaming this dream it actually feels like an actual physical experience. The dreamer will start know what is going to happen in dream from previous ones and will take an action to prevent being sliced again. Action may be running (3rd dream)...And so on and so on.

Why does your dog twitch while it sleeps?

Many animals dream, just like you do. In their dreams, they are running around, chasing things and having fun -- just like when you dream, you move, the dog moves around when it's dreaming.

Why do you keep running into your ex and dreaming about him and missing him after 2 years?

Dreaming about him and missing him happen because you're obsessing about something that, realistically, is never going to happen. Give it up and move on. Running into him happens because, well, if you live near each other and had similar enough interests and hobbies to date in the first place, odds are pretty good you'll both continue to go to the same sorts of places. It doesn't mean anything. In particular, it doesn't mean you're "meant" to be together. See the end of the last paragraph.

What is the best brand of running shoe?

Nike has a large variety of great running shoes. They have every size of shoe so you can find the shoes you are looking for and have been dreaming of getting. You should try shopping there for an excellent pair of running shoes!