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Q: You were purchasing a home but now you want to give it up how do you do it?
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just do it now and get it over with.

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Teachers give you homework because they want you to learn. Right now, I'm learning some Pre-Alg. and I have some hwk to do. Bye.

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Middle Colonies v. New England ColoniesThe biggest difference between the two regions is the soil composure. In New England you had a much rockier soil composure while in the Middle Colonies you had a much softer, fertile soil composure. Because of this farming in the New England colonies was very hard. Also becasue of the difference in soil composure there are different kinds of forests. In New England you have many more coniferous forests, because of the colder weather patterns and harder soil composition, in the Middle states forest are dominated by deciduos trees, or trees that loose their leaves in autumn. The climate in the New England colonies is much harsher also leading to short planting seasons for the Pilgrims. It was not an ideal location for a settlement -- the Pilgrims were actually shooting for Virginia, but a storm threw them off path and they ended up in what is today Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA

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Guys, if you want an answer to this question, be more clear. What is it that you want? Now try again.

What name is given to the price a dealer pays when purchasing a car from a manufacturer?

you give them your given name which means the one u r using now

Does any bank give out a home loan even if you have bad credit?

Banks are very strict right now on who they will give credit to. If you have pretty bad credit they will probably not give out a home loan unless you have a cosignor.

Why do dogs get so excited when you come home?

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Where can I get a patio paving estimate in the San Diego area?

You should give The Home Depot or Lowe's a call. They have plans and the equipment needed for your patio paved. Now if you want examples i suggest you look for some pictures from them.

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Yes ,I passed S.S.C. March 83 so can i give exam now?

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Differently from what? From what I'm doing now, or from what other purchasing managers are doing?

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give me my social security numbers now online with only my name&home address

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Well you are started on the right path by purchasing a vehicle maintenance book for the type of vehicle you have. Now you want to review it to see if the vehicle maintenance project you want to undertake is something you feel comfortable with.

How can you get someone off the title to a car My ex-boyfriend and I own a car together and now I want the car for myself. I am the primary on the car. Does anyone know what I can do about this NC?

Does your boyfriend has any involvement in the purchasing of this car ? if so, does he want any money? if he does you would have to come up with a figure, he would then sign off on the title give you a bill of sale and you would have to re-title/register the car in your name only. Also check with your registery and they can give you details on what your state laws are.

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chickfila because they give you lots of opportunities

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DMV doesn't care if/where/when you graduated/dropped out. They want you to pass the test and give them money.

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They now build a hospice retreat now i think they have 16 beds that can be used if the family and the patient want that so they will take care of the patients and familys needs or they can keep them at home and if that's where the patient needs and make them comfortable at home where they want to be and home bound i think there are more patients are taken care at home.

How can you safely evacuate your bowels right now at home?

Take Metamusil or give yourself an enema.

How do you set answers as a homepage?

OK, first open up the Internet and go to the site that you want to make your home page, then on your 'Menu Bar' click the drop-down menu on the little house icon. Now click 'Add or Change Home Page'. Click 'Use this webpage as your only home page', and there you go! - c4rTo0nY (Please give me Trust Points!)

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How can you get a title to a mobile home if you turn it over to real estate with the land but now want to sale the mobile home and need the title?

I am not clear on your object. -It sounds as if you now want to sell the mobile home ONLY, -but keep the land. Please re-submit with more detail, or consult the department with whom you did the deal turning it over to real estate.

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When you eat beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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because i think what happened there was sick what them sick muslim's done now they want that land to show they think they can have any place in America but they wont give in its sacred land. if they do given the country has gone down hill and we will all now they will give in to muslim's