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You were told you conceived on one date by an ultrasound but your lmp tells a different story off by 7 days but than again your cycles are 24 days which is more accurate?

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2006-07-17 06:59:36

Hello. I would go with the date the ultrasound gave you but

ultrasound dates can be off by a few to 7 days. Both of them are

right. You probably conceived somewhere between the two. Most women

ovulate 14 days BEFORE the missed period, as you have a short cycle

this would mean 10 days after your LMP which would account for 4 of

the 7 days, and even early ultrasounds are only accurate to within

3 days. The exact date would only be important if there had been

two different men, and even then you would need a paternity test as

it would be impossible to tell with such close dates.

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