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if u put that sperm into your vagina then u could but if u didnt no

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Why do male dogs eat underwear?

All dogs eat underwear, not just males. Maybe if you'd wash them once in awhile the smell wouldn't be so tempting to them.

Can my dog be pregnant her teats are white at the tip?

yes this does mean she is pregnant after awhile the milk will come out if you squeeze the teats

Can you become pregnant a week after a miscarriage even if you are 5 months pregnant?

I'm guessing you mean you were 5 months pregnant and yes you can. You are highly fertile after for awhile due to hormones and need to protect yourself.

Do you have to wait awhile after you get an IUD before sex and what are tips on getting pregnant with an IUD?

You can have sex straight away after a coil is put in but as it is an Intra Uterine CONTRACEPTIVE Device, the only tip to get pregnant is to have it removed.

Can you take fioricet if your pregnant?

No, if you need anything stronger than Tylenol (used once in awhile and not regularly) you need to speak to your doctor.

If you are on the pill for a long time and then get off the pill and then have unsafe sex when you are ovulating can you still come out pregnant?

If you are off the pill then yes you can become pregnant. Generally it takes awhile for the pill to leave your system but it is not unheard of to become pregnant right after stopping the pill.

What is vanginal bleeding when pregnant?

It is normal to have some spotting while you're pregnant, but if it's heavy or lasts for awhile, I would check with your gynecologist to make sure that nothing is wrong and that you're not having a miscarriage.

Can a test still say I'm pregnant after a miscarraige?

Yes because the hormone level don't go back quickly, it takes awhile.

Why is bronze used in making coins?

Easy enough to work, yet hard-wearing enough to last awhile. Doesn't corrode (too much) in people's wallets.

If you stopped taking your birth control is that easier for you to get pregnant?

It may take awhile for the hormones of the birth control to wear off after you stop taking it. Once the effects wear off then you should be able to get pregnant as you would normally.

Is a female more likely to get pregnant when she is on her period?

No. But is can happen at any time, but not very likely awhile on her period. The sperm do stick around for some time.

What headache tabs can you take while being pregnant?

If it's just once in awhile you can take Tylenol but if it's more common you need to speak with your doctor.

Will wearing jeans harm the baby?

No you can wear whatever you want but it will be uncomfortable after awhile so you can use maternity clothes. They have jeans too. But regardless of what you wear is the fetus protected inside and will not get hurt.

Why is bronze used in making statues?

Easy enough to work, yet hard-wearing enough to last awhile. Doesn't corrode (too much) when left outside. Has a nice shine.

Is it possible to be pregnant 4 weeks after you were due for your Depo-Provera shot?

Oh yes! It is very possible. I was on it for awhile and then stopped for about a month and in between that period I got pregnant. So Yes it is very possible. Go to the doctor sweetheart.

What rhymes with wait awhile?

smile rymes with wait awhile

Use the word awhile in a sentence?

After awhile the boy got quiet.

What happens after a woman has a miscarriage?

You have to go for a checkup to make sure the uterus is empty so you don't get infections. if it's not they have to scrape the uterus. After your hormones will still be set on pregnant for awhile.

If you got a practical gift from an ex that you are trying to get over should you keep wearing it?

Sure if you like it - if you feel it is too memorable at this time put it away for awhile and then go back to it later when your feelings have subsided.

Is awhile 1 word or 2?

Awhile is an adverb. A while is a noun with an article.

Why won't i get a baby on the sims3?

I don't no sometimes it just happens but u can adopt and it sometimes takes awhile for it too say ' prepare Louise is pregnant' or whatever ur sims is called

If you got off the depo shot and have been spotting and have very little bleeding and some cramps and headaches could you be pregnant?

When I first got off the shot I was spotting for several months, had cramps, but I was not pregnant. Normally when you first get off depo, it may take a while for it to completely be out of your body. And it still make take awhile for you to be able to get pregnant.

Can woman be pregnant for 11 months?

I read about a women in the UK that was pregnant for 13 months because her baby fell asleep inside and stopped developing. She woke up after awhile and the pregnancy continued as normal.But other than rare cases like that, no. The doctor would induce.

How can i discover if my husband is gay?

Have him followed for awhile, follow him yourself for awhile, or simply confront him and ASK!

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