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well if your crush would do that he/she is not who you thought they were so you shouldn't like him/her anymore

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Q: You were writing to your friend about this guy who has a crush on you and your crush stole it and now he showed it to his best friend what do you do?
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What is Pass interference on a friend?

You stole a girl your friend had an eye on.

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He stole it from the woman whose house they had burned.

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It's about a girl who stole her boyfriend or crush

How can you get revenge on a friend who stole your crush?

If she did it on purpose just to annoy you, then you could get an even hotter boyfriend or pretend that you don't care at all. You could also turn all your friends against her, or tell your crush all sorts of bad things about her without seeming too obvious about it.

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How do you return something to your friend without her thinking you stole it I don't want her to think I'm mean or not her friend... or that I stole from her?

You tell her you found it where ever you found it. Simple as that.

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If your friend stole it then they are not your friend. Speak up and tell

What should you do if your crush stole from you then lied about it?

STOP LIKING HIM NOW! If he is a stole from you he is a thief and then lied about it he is a liar. You would never want to date a thief and a liar, right?

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The person that you stole it from tells the police.

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If he can be so easily stolen, he isn't worth worrying about!

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