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Located at the carburetor. follow solid pre-bent steel line up from the fuel pump


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under carrage of vehicle, just fwd of fuel tank. easy to find & replace

fuel filter is located above the rear axle

The fuel filter is located under the vehicle, between the rear axle and the fuel tank.

the fuel filter is located on the bottom of your car just in front of the fuel tank.

The oil sending unit on the 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is located on the top of the engine compartment. It is directly above the oil filter.

The oil pressure switch on a 1995 cutlass supreme is located under the hood front center of the oil pan. It is right beside the oil filter.?æ

my 93 was located center of the car, under the car behind the oil filter. You'll have to take the filter off to get it out.

I have 90 cutlass supreme. look under center of car for gas tank. should be on back end of the tank. need to jack up high enough to get at.

Right next to the passenger side tire. Above the control arm.

It is located in the very front of the carburetor. Using a crescent wrench, screw off the big nut and the fuel filter will be right there.

Fuel filter is located under the vehicle between rear axle and fuel tank. just follow the fuel lines.

its located next to oil filter under the front exhaust manifold just remove fans for easier access if your as big as me....

It is under the car near the frame almost directly under the back seat on the drivers side. Very easy to replace.

Under vehicle, driver side, below seating area, front of fuel tank and in front of the fuel filter.

Under hood, center, upper engine area, front side of engine block, mounted in fuel line.

If it is like 92 Cutlass Supreme, it is 2" to right of oil filter, which is right behind rad. Replaced mine yesterday and you might as well do an oil change because, the oil filter has to come out first. Just jack front up a bit, so you can get under and unhook battery 1st. wasn't bad!!

If more than 1 gas filter were are they located on the 91 Cutlass Oldsmobile?

Follow the positive battery cable; it will lead you to it. its next to the oil filter below the front exhaust manifold... easy access with out fans in place.

I don't think there is one (we have a 97, and I seem to recall doing researh on this subject before).

Try changing the fuel filter and the map sensor.

You have to hoist the motor up just enough to get it off take the motor mount nuts off there is a filter inside the oil pan tht is holding it

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