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ASK Bank A & B to do some research, on the check processing. Investigation the banks have an obligation to it's customers if the check has cleared. With the new check process it's becoming harder because everything is being done electronically

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What is the journal entry of telephone bill?

telephone bill acto cashWhen you receive the bill, but have not paid it, which is done in accrual accounting but not cash basis, the entry is:Telephone Expense (debit) $$$Telephone Expense Payable (credit) $$$Once the bill is actually paid, even then it is removed from the payable with the following entryTelephone Expense Payable (debit) $$$Cash (credit) $$$If you are paying the bill as you receive it, the only difference is skipping the payable account and debiting the expense account and crediting the cash in a single entry:Telephone Expense (debit) $$$Cash (credit) $$$

Define account payablereceivable and how to techinical tretment in account?

Account Recieveable: It is the person to whom you sale goods on credit and amount is recieveble to some future timeAccount Payable: It is the person from which you purchased goods on credit and agreed to pay in future.Accounting Entries:Account Recieveable:When good sold on creditAccounts recieveableSalesWhen receive the amountCash/Cash EquivalentAccounts RecieveableAccounts Payable:When goods purchased on creditPurchasesAccounts paybleWhen payment madeAccounts payblecash/cash equivalent

What is Accounts Payable considered a on the Trial Balance?

what is it best to receive before paying and invoice

Is it possible to receive an inheritance from a deceased parent from a fund that was not left in a will?

Yes. The fund may have been in your parent's name at death in a "Payable on Death" account where your parent named a beneficiary directly with the company or bank that held the funds.

How do you find your state unemployment tax payable?

For US Income Tax, you will receive a 1099. Employers need to register with their state's tax department or its equivalent. Employees have no unemployment tax payable.

What has become a crucial process for accounts payable in eliminating the massive amounts of paper work they receive?


Is accounts payable debit or credit balance?

Accounts payable is a credit balance, because that is how much you owe to another company. Accounts receivable (the amount you will receive from another company) is a debit balance.

Is accuracy important for accounts payable?

Accuracy is very important in accounts payable and accounting in general. If accuracy is not done in accounts payable, there could be several consequences. If you are not accurate on the amount due you may over pay a bill or under pay a bill. In the first senario one would be wasting usuable cash to the company if they overpaind a bill. If you under pay a bill, the company may receive a late fee or eventually not be given credit on account from the company in the future. Also if your accounts payable is not correct your financial statements will be incorreect. Net income of the company may be higher or lower depending on if there is an overstatement or understatement of accounts payable.

How do you activate your gaia account if you do not receive the email?

=ask to receive it again=

How long till kansas unemployment card arrives?

You will receive your debit card one week after processing your first payable week. Waiting periods or Waiting week does not apply as first payable week.

What do account receivables do?

Receive accounts.

Can a collection agency receive a judgment if the statute of limitation has passed?

No, C.A'a have no form of legal recourse if the SOL date has passed

Does an increase in notes payable increase or decrease cash flow?

It increases cash flow because you receive cash.

What is a bank account beneficiary?

An account beneficiary is someone you have designated to receive the proceeds of your account upon your death.

What happens when you receive a crossed cheque and you have no bank account?

open a bank account.

Does accounts receivables show how much money is owed to the company?

That is correct. If someone owes me money, then that is money that I am going to receive, if the loan is paid, hence that account can be classified as accounts receivable. If there is money that I owe, which I therefore intend to pay, then that is classified as accounts payable.

Can you have a credit account and still receive SSDI?


What is swift mt 210?

MT210 or SWIFT MT210 is a swift message for a notice to receive.It is sent by a bank or corporate to the bank where they have an account informing them in advance of funds they expect to receive.As SWIFT state:sent by an account owner to one of its account servicing institutions.sent by a party authorised by the account owner to one of its account servicing institutions.It is an advance notice to the account servicing institution that it will receive funds to be credited to the Sender's account.

You receive an email from your bank requesting that you forward them your account password for security reasons?

You receive an email from your bank requesting that you forward them your account password for security reasons

If some goods are damaged from a purchase order upon receipt the accounts payable department should receive a?

an invoice and debit memo

How can someone receive emails from a gmail account through MS Outlook?

To receive emails from a gmail account through MS Outlook, you will need to setup MS outlook with your gmail account as your email account. This can be done under options in MS outlook.

What is the difference between audit and account?

audit is the official inspection of an organization's account and account is the record of money receive and spent.

Do you get a balance if you're not joint on a checking account?

If you are not listed as a signer on the account you should receive absolutely no information about that account, including the balance.

Can an adult receive back child support from a deceased parent's estate?

Generally, no. Although child support is for the child, it is payable to the custodian and/or the State.

How do you motivate Nigerian workers?

I had used a system of incentive that worked for me really well. The Nigerian system is cash based system. The people generally like cash in here in Nigeria. what I did is to link up the production to cash based incentive payable on monthly basis. The payable amount was based on the cost centers. Accounts would receive 25% of what prodn received. Drivers at 40% of the total value received by the Prodn etc and so on. The amount payable was offered in two options 1) payable into the account of the person. 2)paid into the school/college fees of the child of the worker. 3)added to his retirement benefits. Hope this is help ful