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Try jumping it off. If it cranks remove the + side on the battery. If it shuts off the alternator is bad .If it does not shut off clean the battery terminals . Have the battery checked at the Auto Zone.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-26 20:53:09
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Q: Your 1985 Nissan pickup truck will not start it just clicks what should you do?
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How do i fix my1990 Nissan pickup if it just clicks when i turn the key and it won't start?

sounds like the battery is dead, take the battery to a shop that can load test it

2007 Nissan Altima clicks when trying to start?

dead battery

2000 Nissan Maxima just clicks won't start?

my Nissan elgrand just cut out when I was driving it now it wont start can you help me

1990 Nissan pickup overheated and now wont start?

your head gasket is probaly blown.

1990 Chevy c1500 pickup starter clicks but will not start brand new battery and brand new starter What else could be wrong?

do the bolts on a 1990 pickup truck go in vertical or horizontal

How do you start a 86 Nissan pickup after losing key?

call a locksmith to replace the lock cylinder and key.

Where is the flasher located on a 1990 Nissan pickup?

I have a 1990 Nissan Pickup 4 cyl. manual transmission. The Flasher is under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. It is near the top of the clutch petal. Turn the key on and start the signal. You should hear where it is at. Put your hand on it and you will feel the vibration and the sound will change. I still have not figured out how to get it off.

2005 Nissan Sentra clicks when you turn it on and will not start.?

You, in all probabilty have either bad battery connections, a bad battery or the start solenoid. I would say the connections are the problem.

Why won't 91 Nissan pickup start when it has a new starter and battery?

Starter lockout relay, next to the battery.

Why does a 91 Nissan pickup 2.4 start cold but not when it's warm?

sounds like a temperature sensor problem

Can the pcv on a 1997 Nissan pickup cause it to idle rough and cut off?

A PCV or connecting hose problem can cause great issues with a 1997 Nissan pickup idling. In fact, this can keep it from running, even if it does start, and the engine turns over.

1989 Nissan Pickup wont start please help?

I need more information. Does the starter turn over the engine? Do you hear a click when you try to start it?

You have a 1996 Nissan primera with new batteries will not start in the cold morning but will do when it is warmer and local dealer finds no problem.any suggestions?


You have a 1991 Chevy S10 Pickup that has been starting and running fine It ran out of gas and now will not start or even turn over it just clicks Where do you start to look?

Dead battery. Recharge it and see if it will start. If not, remove the battery and go have it tested.

Why would a 96 Nissan pickup not start when its raining?

Your distributer might have a crack in it and moisture is getting in to it and grounding it out,inspect it,wipe clean and check.

Car clicks and clicks and it's hard to start?

Bad battery, starting motor or both.

When the user clicks on the Start button programs that are to be displayed permanently are shown in what area?

When the user clicks on the Start button, programs that are to be displayed permanently are shown in the ________ area

What values that a global teacher should have?

i have nissan quest 1995 no start , what happen for it

Why won't my 85 Nissan Pickup start unless I put gas in the carbuerator and then it shuts off again?

u need 2 replace your fuel pump and fuel filter

Nissan D21 z24 Pickup It cranks won't start no spark getting plenty of fuel just replaced ignition module still won't start?

have you replaced and or tested both coils? are you getting no spark on the intake and the exaust sides?

What does an interlock switch do on a 4x4 1987 Nissan pickup that has a 5 speed and Z24 engine?

The interlock switch is to start the vehicle without having to press in the clutch. It took me a while to figure this out myself.

Why does the tachometer in a 1995 Nissan pickup stop working when the outside temperature goes above 60 and start working again when it goes below 20?

Look for a loose ground/connecting wire.

Why your 1993 Nissan Pickup truck won't start after going though a flooded street?

your starter is soaked on inside ,take off and take to auto zone for test. also check alternator.

When should you change fuel injectors in 2003 Nissan Altima?

Only if and when they start leaking and go bad

1994 mark VIII won't start just clicks Where do I start?

A good possibility would be a dead battery.

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