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Hi there, if you have flushed any engine and have changed thermostate there are only two options that are left; (providing that there are no leaks) 1. the thermostat is faulty / 2. your water pump is broken and needs to be replaced

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 07:25:36
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Q: Your 1985 thunderbird over heats flushed system and put new thermostat in?
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2000 Chevy Malibu i raplaced the head gasket and the thermostat still heats up?

flush the system and change thermostat,this should fix problem. I flushed mine and i changed coolant and thermostat,it is now fine.

My 2001 blazer doesn't heat. Could it be the thermostat?

Your heater core could be plugged. I've had it happen to a 98 and an 01 S10 pickup. I flushed the core both directions and it heats like crazy now.

1998 grand prix heats up?

With car cold look at the coolant in plastic reservoir. If it looks contaminated, it may be a sign of intake or headgasket issues.Check out your fan system.You may want to check your water pump and thermostat as well.The radiator and/or cooling system may need to be flushed out.

Your heater heats when air is being recycled but as soon as you open fresh air valve it turns cold The thermostat and coolant has been flushed and changed This is on a 1993 Mazda 323?

sounds like you need a new heater matrix.

Mini Thermostat ?

form_title= Mini Thermostat form_header= Know when the temperature heats up with a mini thermostat. Where will you be using the thermostat?*= _ [50] Do you need to have someone install the thermostat?*= () Yes () No Are you removing an old thermostat?*= () Yes () No

1998 4.0 liter jeep Cherokee over heats i changed water pump and radiator thermostat and still over heats?

Many times after a Jeep cooling system is repaired, air bubbles trapped in the system will cause a overheat situation. If it is a 4.0l, with the engine cool remove the heater hose that is connected to the thermostat housing and fill the cooling system with the engine off. When coolant starts coming out of the engine side the system is almost as full as it gets.

What is making your ford ranger heat no leaks changed thermostat cleaned coolant system only heats while idling giving it gas cools it down?

sounds like a bad thermostat even though it is replaced

What could it be if car heats up?

low or no coolant, or a bad thermostat.

How do you know if thermostat on 2000 grand am needs replacement?

if your car over heats alot then that is a pretty good sign. aslong as it isn't your water pump. but thermostat is a good place to start. if you replace the thermostat and it still over heats. (assuming that is why you are asking) then it could be the water pump.

What's wrong with a 97 GrandAm 31 that heats up and pushes antifreeze out the reservoir cap even after you took the thermostat out and pulled the hoses off and flushed it with a garden hose?

Same thing happened to me on a 94 Grand Am. Try changing the reservoir cap.

Truck only heats up to about 150 degrees?

Start with replacing the thermostat.

Can a stuck open thermostat cause a loss of antifreeze?

yes if your vehicle over heats

How does a clothes iron work?

Answerwell it has a thermostat which heats the teflon sheet.

You installed a new thermostat now the system heats when set to cool and cools when set to heat?

Look at the directions again and swap the wires you hooked up that are for the temp output, you have them switched

What is the purpose of a thermostat on a heat pump?

The purpose of a thermostat on a running heat pump is to be able to determine the temperature the pump is operating at. This is used for regulating the heats needed.

1993 Isuzu Rodeo has a New thermostat housing gasket and thermostat and newer water pump but still over heats why?

try - heater - core - that was my p

Motor heats up no heat out of the heater not overheating?

Perhaps a bad thermostat and/or a heater core

Your 19989 Chevy venture van temperature gauge heats up when the heat when the heat is not on it cools down when the heat is on what is the issue with the vanis it the fan or the thermostat?

needs a thermostat

What should you check first if you have no leak and changed the thermostat in 97 escort and have no heat?

I had no heat in my escort either. A new thermostat, cooling system flush, new heater core, another new thermostat, ect. but nothing worked. Still only slightly warm air from the vents. The thermostat housing has a thermostat bypass in it. This bypass is always circulating coolant through your radiator. I plugged mine off with a thermostat gasket and now my car heats and blows hot air with no complications. Good luck.

What are the consequences of a heating system?

That which the system heats gets warm.

When your 91 acura legend over heats why is the upper hose hot and the bottom cold?

thermostat is not opening.

Radiator keeps blowing water back over heats?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

1992 Pontiac bonniville engine over heats and quits?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

Replaced thermostat but cold air and still over heats?

Coolant at proper level? System air bound and needs to be purged? Water pump not circulating coolant? Defective thermostat? Collapsed radiator hose?

What happens when the thermostat fails?

When the thermostat in your car fails it usually fails to open which in turn does not allow radiator water to pass through the engine and cool it, so the engine over heats.