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most likely air is getting in to the fuel line look for fuel leaks.


i had the sam problem with mine i found out that it was the brake booster after i fixed it it stoped good luck

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:43:56
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Q: Your 1999 grand prix gt 3.8 will stall and kill at random Replaced the ignition switch Fuel filter was replaced a month ago It also at times will take 3 tries to start What could it be?
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Is there a single failure point for the ignition Your 1998 Malibu ls engine shuts off without warning at random times restarts fine the plugs and ignition cables were replaced but it still happens?

My wife's car does the same thing. We have narrowed it down to a worn ignition switch.

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Why will your car not start after you have had your alternator replaced fuses replaced and battery replaced on your 2004 Ford Explorer?

I have a more significant question, why are you replacing perfectly good parts? Throwing random parts at a problem does not tell you what's wrong. You need to check individual subsystems to find out why your car isn't running. It's always down to the basics, ignition, fuel and compression. If you have all three, and in the right sequence and intensity, the engine MUST run; there are no other options. So to find out why it's NOT running, find out which of the three isn't right. That's where a mechanic becomes a bit of a diagnostician. If you want a car to run you don't just open the hood and start replacing random parts.

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What is causing random cylinder misfire in a 1998 dodge neon SOHC Keep in mind Spark plugs wires battery and crank sensor all replaced within last 30 days...?

could be a bad coil or ignition control module. Check for codes at auto parts store free.

When turning the key it turns but won't start the vehicle not the battery starter fuel filter alternator etc any ideas about the ignition?

Spark to cylinder (at random)? If yes... How is the timing?

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What should you replace next on 1994 Honda Civic to fix overheating - Replaced the Coolant and bled air - Replaced the temp switch and thermostat Still over heats at random especially when idling?

Next would be the water pump the symptom you describe along with the items you replaced point toward low coolant flow. Dont rule out excessive corrosion in the radiator as this will reduce flow as well. Always make sure you have a good radiator cap.

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What does code p1399 mean for a 1997 Honda Accord?

This is a Honda only code which means you have a random cylinder misfire. If you have not replaced the Spark Plugs & Wires, do so now. Use OEM spark plugs.

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How do you repair a 3800 97 Firebird with trouble code indicating random cylinder misfire?

start with new plugs and wires. but you may need new coil packs too. let me know how it goes david replace the coils and the module, helped for my 98 firebird. parts for me were about 170 at napa and I know mechanics so labor was free. it's easy to install. Another thing to do is replace the ignition control module. This can cause a random misfire if it is faulty or even if the wire harness going to it is not bolted tightly to it. hey this is joey. replace the vacuum line for the egr gas return. i had the same problem and nearly got fustrated to the point of taking a sledge hammer to my car. i had replaced my ignition control unit. all three coils spark plugs and wires and still had the random misfire code. when i replaced the vacuum it cleared everything out and now my car is running like a dream. hopefully it will work for you too.

Why is your 1990 Honda Civic hatchback overheating?

My 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback had a similar problem where it overheated on a seemingly random basis. I first replaced the thermostat, but that did not fix the problem. Then I replaced the water pump, again with no positive result. Finally, I replaced the radiator, which fixed the problem. As it turned out, the radiator had pinhole leaks that caused the problem. Also, when it comes to a leaking radiator, I do not suggest the 'quick fix' of additives to the radiator water that plug holes and stop leaks. These additives can cause more problems than they resolve. The best solution is to replace the radiator.

If you are still getting random multiple misfire detected after you've replaced the spark plugs and wires in your 96 Mazda 626 what should you check or replace next?


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