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Im looking for the same asnwers - I could of written this myself I see no one has replied did you get anywhere with finding the answer yet - Im up again in the middle of the night and now hes back off to sleep and I cant!! PLEASE HELP someone. Im looking for the same asnwers - I could of written this myself I see no one has replied did you get anywhere with finding the answer yet - Im up again in the middle of the night and now hes back off to sleep and I cant!! PLEASE HELP someone.

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What do you do if you are crying for no reason?

If you are crying for no reason then you need to find out why you are crying. Because if you are crying for no reason there gots to be something wrong!

In def jam my game is stuck on 86 percent for no apparent reason on psp any help?

Please have you find a solution for this problem?

A sentence for apparent?

Heres an example: What is the question that contains the word cantaloupe for no apparent reason?

What do terorists do?

they kill people for no apparent reason

Why am i crying but I am not sad?

I'm not sad but I just start crying around midnight for no reason. It'll be out of nowhere.

What do you do if the baby is crying for no reason?

If there is no reaosn baby will not cry.

Need to communicate with doctor to find out the most common ailment if any of a person who is losing weight for no apparent reason?

Weight loss for no apparent reason is almost always a serious matter. It can indicate anything from drug addiction to a severe eating disorder, to organic diseases such as cancer. Please see a doctor as soon as possible.

Does hyperactivity manifest itself in a baby of less than 1 year?

Some schools of thought on evidence of ADHD or hyperactivity in an infant is "colic", or the inability to console the baby even though there is no apparent reason for crying or being fussy.

Why does your penis grow for no apparent reason?

to pleasure vagina

What causes a person blackout for no apparent reson?

Don't know if you noticed, but you just asked the reason for a person blacking out for no apparent reason, lol I'd consult a doctor.

What is irrational exuberance?

Extreme happiness and excitement for no apparent reason.

Could you be pregnant if you feel sick for no apparent reason?


What is familiarirty?

Being overly friendly with someone for no apparent reason.

Why do people think that crying is funny?

I think people think it is funny at first because crying and laughing often sound the same. So unless they are a very cruel person, I don't know anyone who would think someone crying is funny. Though I do think that some people might think someone crying was funny if the reason they were crying was ridiculous or if the reason was hilarious. It still does not make thinking that someone crying is "funny", justified.

What is sentence for apparent?

The news report stated that he died of an apparent heart attack. The teacher said to the student, "Given the expression on your face, it is apparent that you've forgotten your homework."

Is there such a things as a crying disorder I have psychological projection and I cry a lot for the littlest reason is it a symptom or disorder if it is either please tell me the name of it and why?

I guess you are just very sensitive or you have a low pain threshold

Why do I keep crying for no reason I don't feel sad or depressed and I am not pregnant?

Spike in estrogen levels for some reason?

How do you get a baby girl to stop crying loud?

Figure out what's wrong with her. She's crying for a reason. It's her only way to communicate. Just the same as you can speak, she cries, figure out why she's crying and then you'll have your answer.

Can a chihuahua bite you for no reason?

There's probably a reason. It may not be apparent to you, but it's there in the chihuahua's (tiny, feeble) mind.

Can crying cause a miscarriage?

No, all the normal body functions are not dangerous when you are pregnant or cause a miscarriage. If the reason you are crying is severe shock or something then maybe.

Why do you keep crying for no reason?

that means whatever happened to you hurt you very much.

What was the reason for Mayella crying in court?

she was under a lot of pressure from her father to lie

Is crying bad for the baby?

Crying is natural. It usually means that the baby needs/wants something. Food and comfort are the two main reason an infant cries.

How can you get on imeem?

You can't anymore because they sold it to myspace for no apparent reason at all.

How are chickens abused?

They can be hit by its farmer for no apparent reason, also it can be cooked alive!