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Your AIEEE rank is 47443 and state haryana rank is 1723 which college and which branch do you get?

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the branch of POWER! and the college of KNOWLEDGE!

The college and branch you will get depends on a number of factors, most importantly it depends on the colleges selected by students ranked above you. Students have historically shown preference for colleges located in commercial cities such as Gurgaon and so I will urge you to consider the following factors before making your decision:

1).Location of the college; if your college is located in Gurgaon, it increases your chances of industry interactions, which impacts finding internships and jobs.

2).Infrastructure (building, labs etc.)

3).Industry Interactions

4).Professionalism of board, faculty and management of the college.

Selection of branch is an easier decision. Considering that IT is the backbone of Indian economy and is expectec to grow at an alarming rate, most students go for computer engineering or IT engineering.

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you can get echanical in jamshedpur you can get echanical in jamshedpur you can get echanical in jamshedpur

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it does not depend upon marks.. but on the cutoff... or you can say your rank. it has to be within 35000, if you belong to haryana.

What is the counselling fee of haryana through aieee rank?

its Rs. 500 u can get other information at

List of top 20 rpet colleges?

(1). MBM Engineering college, Jodhpur. (RPET, AIEEE) (2). University college of engineering, Kota. (RPET, AIEEE) (3). JECRC, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (4). SKIT, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (5). GIT, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (6). Poornima college of engineering, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (7). Compucom Institute of Technology & Management. (RPET, AIEEE) (8). BK Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani (RPET, AIEEE) (9). Modi Institute, Lakshmangarh (RPET, AIEEE)

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you will NT be call 4 councelling i am sorry

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AIEEE Rank 853811 PCM(12th)=61% 10th=79%

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retake the AIEEE! what else can u do.

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