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Your Ml 320 stalls at 75-78 degrees centigrade coolant temperature Will ot restart until itn cools down to 40 degrees centigrade What are the probable causes?

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2011-09-14 08:53:31

We have seen this and found it to be the crank sensor at fault

and sometimes the cam sensor. What happens is the sensor is a

series of windings and they open or even gain high resistance as

they heat up then when they cool down the resistance drops and they

work fine the idea is measure the resistance of the sensors cold

and when the vehicle stope check the resistance again and I'll bet

you will find that the value from hot to cold will be different.

The own where the resistance is much higher will be the one at

fault. good luck

Also to add. In most cases this is attributed to the hard start

when warm. Or long crank times during a warm engine. Yet when cold

the engine will start up right away always. Almost always this is

in reference to the CPS sensor. or crank shaft position sensor.

Easily bought on eBay for less then 50 dollars. It is not as easily

changed. But the best way I have to change this sensor was to

remove the left front tire, and then the plastic wheel well

housing. It only has about 5 screws. The sensor is located by the

firewall, left side(driver side). And down low near where the

trnasmission mates to the engine block. It has a 2 wire


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