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Not sure what sort of connections are on your fuel filter etc. Your problem sounds like you are drawing in air between the tank and filter effectivley running out of fuel.My last astra was very prone to drawing in air after a fuel filter change,if I didn't change the copper washers on the suction pipe.New zafira diesel has clip on type connectors,if yours are like this,one may not be quite on?Sorted out a diesel land -rover recently,same symptoms as yours,just needed new hose clip on the tank exit pipe.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-02 10:24:34
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Q: Your Vectra 2 Ltr diesel cuts out sometimes checked the fuel filter its only half filled with fuel It will not start but will start on a tow What would be the problem?
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Vectra 2.0 diesel

How to fit a Vectra diesel 2.0 fan belt?

To fit a Vectra diesel 2.0 fan belt, make sure that you make reference to the user manual.

Where is the solonoid for injector pump on vectra diesel?


What is the plug gap on a vauxhall vectra 2 liter turbo diesel 2002 registration?

No plugs! (DIESEL), No gap!

Where is fuel pump located on diesel Vauxhall vectra?

wher is fuel pump located on diesel vauxhall veectra

Does a 1998 vauxhall vectra 2liter diesel have a belt or a chain?


Does a 1998 opel vectra 2.0 diesel do you have a timing chain or belt?

it has a chain

Which Vauxhall has a timing chain?

i have a timing chain on my 52 plate 2.2 diesel vectra

How many gears does a vauxhall vectra 1.9 turbo diesel SRI automatic have?


No diesel getting to filter on 1.7 td opel vectra?

Get your local mechanic to bleed the injectors

Is a 1997 vauxhall vectra 2.0 diesel belt or chain driven?

Niether it is shaft driven

My vectra 2liter diesel only fevs up to 3.5 thousand can you help?

try the small pipe from turbo and trace it to make sure connections are tight just had same problem and this pipe was worn

Where is the thermostat on a 2005 diesel vectra?

its on the right hand side of the engine as you look at it. That is between the engine and the battery. It has one big hose and two others coming out of it. Be careful, Vectra diesel thermostat does not open quickly when the weather is cold, in hot weather the operating temperature is about 90.

How do you check wiring to alternator on pt cruiser 2003 diesel Battery overcharging alternator been checked and is ok Could be wiring problem?

Check the voltage regulator.

How many miles per liter does a diesel vauxhall vectra 2.0L?

I've had one and it did about 9.2 mile/Litre

Where is the camshaft sensor on a vectra 1.9 diesel z19dt?

Behind the camshaft vernier wheel on the Z19DT 120 engine

How much oil do you put in on a oil change vectra c diesel many thanks?

you put in 4.8 liters

What is the problem with my 1990 ford 7 3 diesel it will not start Batteries are good but horn lights or radio will not work either Thanks?

I checked again and found a broke cable. Thanks

Does a Vauxhall vectra diesel 2.2 sxi have a cam belt?

vectra b 2.0 dtl / dth, and the same for 2.2 do not require a timing belt change as they are chain driven , however the tensioner requires checking after 150,000

Where is the stop solenoid located on a vauxhall vectra diesel 1999?

on/ in the fuel pump. it should be the 1 with a single wire leading too it.

Can any one help me start a peugeot 106 1.5 diesel n reg on a cold morning i have tried most things glow plugs battery injector fluid?

I have same car and same problem, replaced battery but no use, checked glow plugs from mechanic, they are OK, problem still there. Any one can help please? have you checked the fuel filter, if it has not been changed for a while then in cold weather the diesel can thicken up in the filter and create a difficulty in starting the car

Vaxhaull vectra Slow take off is it the turbo?


How explosive is diesel?

you can put out a flame in it no problem

How do you purge the diesel filter on your Peugeot 205 as it has water in it according to the warning light?

I had the same problem on a Peugeot 405 Turbo Diesel. The problem turned out to be the water-in-diesel sensor itself - so I have ignored it for the last 5 years! It is probably the water-in-diesel sensor which is at fault. I have had the same problem for over 5 years on a 405 turbo diesel - so I have ignored it.

94 Chevy diesel driving down the road and motor will shut down with no warning sometimes it will start back up sometimes you have to wait a day?

Had the same trouble, I changed the elect control module, not a problem to this day.