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In most cases yes, although you should have received notice of a judgment being granted and had a specified time to claim exemptions or take other action to protect property. A bank does not need to notify the account holder that a court ordered levy has been executed on the account. As soon as the bank is presented the order, by law they must take the action ordered. Some banks will give the account holder 24 hours notice, but that is a courtesy not a legal requirement. States have specific laws as to how an account can be levied, to joint accounts in particular, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. In the meantime, DO NOT deposit or allow automatic deposits put into the account. Depending upon the court order and the amount owed the creditor may be able to withdraw almost immediately, any funds deposited.

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Q: Your account was exhausted with a court levy from a debt collector are they allowed to do so without some notification of it happening?
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Can a payday loan collector debt from a different bank account with out authorization?

The loan collector can collect from any account that you have provided access to.

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In Colorado who can levy bank account?

In Colorado it is possible for a debt collector to levy a bank account. It is necessary for the approval from a court in order for a debt collector to place a levy on the bank account.

Can your checking account be frozen by a debt collector?


How do you know if there is been a change?

If you have an account you can put the question on your watch list. You will get a notification of changes.

If a debt collector is representing the same bank you have your account with can they freeze the account?

Sure - the operative word here is "debt collector" ... they can and will do anything within the law to make certain they are paid.

What can you do if debt collector is overcharging your checking account on what you agreed?

If the debt collector is authorized to do a debit withdrawl then there is documentation that you signed authorizing same. If the documentation you signed with the debt collector does not match with the amount being withdrawled from your account, notify your bank immediatly of the fraudulent transactions. Take the documents to the bank. Do not prewarn the debt collector that you are doing this.

What is considered an active a collection account?

An active collection account is a debt that a company is attempting to collect. This continues until all avenues are exhausted.

How much does a collector make?

A bill collector can make 35,000 a year. They usually receive a percentage of each account that they collect on as well.

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If a debt collector takes money out of your account before the date that you agreed upon can you have the money placed back into your account?

yes.reason is that if the debt collector return the money in question, you can as well pay it back into your account.thank you

Can a debt collector pull funds out of a joint account if the person holding the debt is not the primary account holder?

yes. i had it happen to me

Can YOU close YOUR fathers CD account with power of attorney?

Nope. Eith P.O.A. or notification of incompetance signed by a judge.

Can a debt collector change the date of last activity on an account that was discharged in bankruptcy?

The debt collector cannot change the date of anything, legally. If the account was discharged in bankruptcy, everything up to the filing date is not owed any longer.

Can a bank close your account without notification?

It depends: a. If your account was closed because of insufficient balance being maintained or frequent bounced check issues etc., the bank would send you a notification letter and close the account. b. If your account is suspected of terrorist or money laundering activity, then the bank reserves the right to close or block your account without intimating or notifying you. It is perfectly legal and by the law. The offending customer should not be informed when the bank takes such an action.

Can a debt collector take funds from a bank savings account without a court order in Wisconsin?

No, a debt collector cannot take funds without a garnishment order or court order. No one has access to your bank account but you. Sometimes, the bank account will be frozen before decision is made by the court.

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Can a company who bought a charged off account try to collect interest on the account?

Yes, interest and fees are still charged when an account is sent to collections or purchased by a third pary collector.

Can a collection agency or collector seize a checking account for a medical bill?

== == no they can not do so for a medical bill.

Should i give a debt collector my bank account number?

NEVER give your bank account information nor your employment information to debt collectors..

At what point does a creditor decide to charge off an account?

The original creditor is required by law to charge off an account after a 180 day deliquency. In most instances the account is sold to a third party collector. The collection agency will continue collection procedures. If an equitable arrangement cannot be made with the debtor, the collector may refer the account to an attorney who may decide to file a lawsuit.

Can a bank freeze a joint account without notification to both parties?

Generally a bank will notify both parties of the issue before freezing account. However, if they feel that it is fraud related they do not have to notify either parties before freezing the account.

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If the original credit card issuer sells a defaulted account can the purchaser of that account obtain a judgment against the debtor account holder?

Yes. Once an account has been sold it becomes the property of the collector/collection agency that buys it. The collector can then file suit against the account holder debtor for the amount owed and if a judgment is awarded against the debtor it can be enforced in whatever way allowed under the laws of the debtor's state to collect the debt that is owed.