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Q: Your basic pay 20000 what is your scale?
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What is the basic pay scale of 16 in post office in Karachi?


If current scale is 4000-100-6000 and current basic pay 5400 what will be new basic pay?

Pay scale 10050 & Grade Pay 2400

You are a Subedar in Indian Army and by basic pay as on 01 Jan 06 was Rs 6600 what is your new pay scale?

according to me jcos are the main back bone of Indian army ......... so we should have in mind that they must get benefits.......... trere new pay scale should be around 15000 to 20000......... so that he should able to fullfill his demands

What is the replacement pay scale in the Sixth Pay Commission for 7500-10000?

I am a Defence pensioner and getting basic pension Rs 7538/. What will be my basic pension in revised pay scale

What are the pay scale of 6th pay commission for library assistant?

basic pay and gross pay submit

You are a central govment emplyee in the pay scale of 3050-4590 and your basic as on 3500 and a promosion you got on 1-10-2007 in the pay scale 4000-6000 anb your basic was 4000 what will be your pres?

our basic pay in railway as a tech 3 . 3425 on 1.1.2006. what is my new basic

What about pay scale in ncwa-viii?


What is the pay scale of junior engineer in railways?

basic pay is 9300, and grad pay is 4200. thank you

Gtu pay scale for lab assistant?

The pay scale for lab assistant is the same as that of class 3 officer. Basic is 16000 rupees.

What is the principals scale as per 6th pay commission?

The principals scale is that of a class 1 Government officer. In the 6th pay too, the scale has been continued with an increase in the basic.

How much you get 6th pay commission arrears according of basic pay?

i am in Indian army in y group pay scale, basic in Jan 2006 was 3945. what is my arres

Initial pay scale of assistant station master?

The Pay scale for Assistant station master is: 5200-20200 Payband is 8560/- and Grade pay is: 2800 /- so, the basic pay will be at 11360/- and you will get the other allowances like DA,HRA,TA with the basic of 11360/- Thanks,